Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Introducing . . .

Liam Parley
Born 2/24/09
Time: 2:45pm
Weight: 7lbs 13.6 oz
Length 20.50 in
Head 14.75 in
His name:
We decided about 2 days before Liam was born that we didn't really 'love' the names we had on our list, so we went looking again. We narrowed it down to Liam and Beckett. Liam seemed to fit him the best and so that is what we named him. The boys were a little bummed to begin with as they had been calling the baby Kaleb for a month or so. They have adjusted fine though to the change. The middle name is my grandpa's middle name. He passed away in 2003. All of our boys have family middle names and we really wanted to carry on my grandpa's name.
We think that Liam looks a lot like Adley did when he was born - but that he has Eli's nose. He has a head full of black hair about an inch or so long - more than any of the other boys.
My labor experience:
As many of you were already aware I was scheduled to be induced with Liam on the 24th, but around 6pm the night before, during Eli's birthday party I started having contractions every 5min. This had happened 2 other times before for about 8hrs, so I didn't really think anything about it. The contractions started getting more intense around 10pm, I tried to sleep for a little bit between 12-1:30am, but then couldn't anymore after that. I decided to head in to the hospital around 4:30am (I knew they wouldn't send me home if this wasn't the real thing, b/c I was already going to be induced). Jared stayed at home with the kids and waited for my call as to whether he could stay home and get the boys to school or if he needed to come in right away. I was only 4-5cm when I arrived at the hospital. Jared arrived at around 7am. I continued to walk, use the tub, change my positions, etc. I was so excited that I actually went in to labor on my own. Throughout most of this pregnancy I have had really bad hip/pelvis pain especially on the right side. In the beginning of my labor Liam was posterior (meaning his back was laying against my back) and was causing a lot of pain. I really wanted to have a waterbirth again, like I did with Eli and Adley, but the pain in my back was beginning to be too much for me. I was given IV pain meds and when my doctor arrived around 8:30am, I was 7cm. He broke my water and I was ready to hopefully have this baby within the next hour (since it was my 4th baby, hoping it would go faster than the last one). 3 hrs later and now with increasing back pain, I was now only 8cm. I opted for the epidural - I couldn't take the pain anymore and figured that if I couldn't relax on my own, then I probably wouldn't progress in labor. I was disappointed that I wasn't able to have Liam in the water, but felt like I gave it all I had. After all I had now been awake for more than 24hrs, and in labor for 17hrs. The epidural took away my back pain, but gave me the wonderful side effects of nausea and shakes. I tried to rest but couldn't b/c I didn't like the way the epidural made my body feel. Finally at 2:45pm Liam came into this world. Even with absolutely no feeling, I only had to push about 5 times (shorter time than when I actually could feel with the last two deliveries) and his cord was wrapped around his neck twice. Liam transitioned well and is a healthy baby boy.
All in all my labor and delivery went well - not exactly like I had expected - but Liam is healthy and so am I. I am still in shock that my labor was so long though. The length of my labors has gotten longer with every baby - not shorter like one would expect. Aidan's was quick (8hrs), but I was on Pitocin; Adley - 4hrs; Eli - 12hrs; Liam - 21hrs. I am not sure these stats make me want to have another child.
Anyways we had a good night at the hospital last night, Jared came home and stayed with boys. We brought Liam home tonight around dinner time. He is adjusting well and has discovered he has a voice. We will keep you all updated as he gets bigger. The big boys love their little brother and are excited he is finally here.

My favorite picture
Liam has big hands, big feet and a big head, but he is kind of scrawny (compared to his brothers) everywhere else. Lots of loose, wrinkly skin - he needs to fatten up
Big hands
Eli loved meeting Liam and kept saying "baby, nigh nigh". He wanted to touch every part of him. Although he looks like is being rough in this picture he was actually quite gentle. He rubbed his head and then pointed out all of Liam's body parts (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc)
The boys meeting Liam for the first time

Leaving the hospital
Home from the hospital
Eli holding Liam again - he is fascinated with his new brother

**Favorite things Adley said today**
"Mommy, if the baby is out of your belly, why is your belly still a little bit fat?"
"Will I be 4 forever"
"Why is Liam zero"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Eli!!!

Eli - 1 month old

Today Eli turned 2!!! I can't believe it has been 2 yrs already - and that tomorrow we will be adding another little boy to our family. Eli will no longer be the baby. I think that he can sense the baby is coming - maybe that explains some of his behavior lately. Today he was in our room and went over to the bassinett and kept peeking over the edge saying - 'baby, baby'. Jared told him that is where the baby will sleep - he responded 'baby nigh nigh'. I wonder how he will adjust to the new baby - time will tell!
This morning we gave Eli one of his presents so that Aidan could watch - it was a Lego tractor - he loved it. He loves anything Lego - just like his brothers and daddy.
Tonight we had Jared's family over for a party. We ate pizza, salad and of course cake and ice cream. Eli liked playing with his cousins and getting more cars and Legos for his presents. Jared and I made his cake - this year we decided to do a sea turtle - it is one word that Eli can say clearly and they are cute. He liked it.

Singing happy birthday to Eli!
Playing with one of his new toys!
Eli's cake

**FYI - we will probably not be able to post pictures of the new baby until Wed or Thurs - we will try to send out an email though. Also our baby name list changed so most of you will probably be surprised when we announce his name. We still haven't decided yet - we have narrowed it down though. We'll keep you posted!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Wednesday Jared was picking Aidan up from school. On the way home they were following a school bus. They saw some kids get off the bus and here is the conversation that followed:
Adley: Hey a lady just got off the bus
Aidan: She's not a lady Adley - you are using that word wrong
Adley: She is too a lady
Aidan: No she's not
Jared: Aidan, he can call her a lady if he wants, it is not incorrect
Adley: See I told you Aidan
Jared: Adley, it's okay to call them a lady by why do you pick that word instead of saying 'girl'
Adley: Because I can't say that word!!!!!!
(Usually when he attempts to say girl - it comes out 'gra' or when he tries to say; tile or pile - it comes out 'tila, or pila' - trouble with the "L's" I guess, he'll get it sorted out some day)

Coupon savings!!!

For the past year I have been clipping coupons to help save a buck here and there. I have been wanting to find out ways to save more money but just didn't know where to look or how to begin. Then my cousin sent me links to a few websites about how to save money. I have been reading and learning so much - there is a whole coupon/savings world out there with their own lingo. So I have been reading ads, printing coupons, signing up for freebies, etc. This week I was going to try it out. I usually only go to Walmart for my every 2 weeks grocery trip. This time I was going to 3 stores. I made out my 2 week menu, sorted my coupons between stores (after my trip I realized now why some women carry a binder with coupons in baseball card clear sheets - it can get tricky if you end up needing to swap coupons between stores if you find a better deal - I was dropping them everywhere) and made my lists of what to get at each store.
I had so much fun!!!! Eli loved it too - he got free cookies at the stores and I think liked the fact that we weren't in Walmart for the entire 3 hrs. I took pictures of what I got to show you what you can buy for only $20 or $40.
So here is what I bought:

I paid a total of: $20. 53
J&J buddy bars (4)- free after coupon - go here for coupon ( I use the $2/2 - the bars are $.97) - I let Aidan use these in the shower - I now have 6 in storage
Cottenelle TP: had $.50 coupon, doubled - paid $1.23- go here for coupon -
Progresso soups (4) - store sale 10 for $10 - I used 3 different coupons ($1.10 off x2; buy 2 get $1 off, bought 4 for only $0.80) - great for food storage
Cheese - 6 packages - store sale buy 2 for $3
Scott TP: had $1 off coupon
Batteries - 3pk - 2D: store sale $1.25 ea

**I saved a total of $27.52 between coupons and using my store savings card**

Harris Teeter
Not pictured: 2 gallons of milk and eggs, 12ct

I paid a total of $37. 72
I had never shopped at HT before until now - I signed up for their savings card. They also double coupons up to $0.99 - so doubled would be $1.98)
Store sales:
Pepsi 2 liters - B2G3free
Old Orchard 100% juice - B2G3free
Doritos - B1G1 free
GM and Kellogg's cereals 2 for $5 - (I bought 4 cereals) plus I used several coupons - that doubled - one which gave me the eggs for free
2 packages of cookie mixes - $1.67 ea plus $0.50 coupon - doubled - pd $.67 ea)
12 yogurts, french bread, cinnamon rolls, breadsticks, toothpaste - had coupons for all and then had them doubled.

**I saved a total of $44.02 between coupons and using my store savings card**

I didn't take a picture of what I bought at Walmart b/c it was just too much stuff (groceries + household stuff + 2 big packs diapers + kids clothes, etc), but I did use about $24 in coupons there, spending $227. The woman behind me just stood there with her mouth open as I used my coupons - she asked me where I got all of them.
So for the day I spent $285.25, saved $93.09. My last trip to Walmart I spent $360 for 2wks of groceries and didn't get near the amount of stuff I got this week.
I had a bigger trip to Walmart this time as I am trying to stock up on stuff before the baby comes. I had to come home and cook up 3 packages of chicken and 2 packages of ground beef so that I could fit everything in my freezer.

So there you have it - proof that clipping coupons, reading ads and doing a little research in to the world of savings can pay off. Happy Shopping everyone!!!!!

Suave $1 off - here
Free sample Huggies wipes - here
Through March 10th, use code PHOTOBOOKS at checkout to get a FREE 8×8, 20-pg. photo book from Shutterfly!
***Remember to use the back button on some of the websites after the first print and it will print the coupon again

Monday, February 16, 2009

Eli and the terrible 2's

I am convinced that even though Eli doesn't turn 2 until later this month that he is in fact 2 already - let me tell you why.
1. He throws tantrums on the floor - lays on his belly and kicks his feet
2. He can destroy my living room in about 5 seconds - just goes from one thing to the next
3. He has repeatedly removed his pants and diaper the past few weeks - it is becoming more and more frequent. This morning the diaper was more than just wet! Jared resorted to duck tape one day - it worked really well! (If I thought he was at all interested in using the potty this wouldn't be such a bad thing, but he never 'goes' when we put him on the toilet).
4. His favorite word is 'No' and now he has added, 'No way'. One day he even asked me 'why'
5. He pushes the kitchen chairs so that he can get things on the counter - for example he just brought me another banana already opened. He is so sneaky - I didn't even hear him. Scary part of this is that the other day Jared was home with only Eli - he went to use the bathroom and heard Eli screaming. He came in to the kitchen and found the chair pushed to the corner - Eli stuck on the counter crying and a knife stuck straight out of the floor!!!! Luckily Eli wasn't hurt he was just frustrated that he couldn't get down and threw the closest thing to him - some scissors and a knife. (None of my other kids have ever touched the knives - I am tempted to put my knife block in the cupboard now)
6. Eli can find his paci's anywhere - he only gets them for bedtime and naptime right now - but when we take them away from him in the morning, he will sneak back up the stairs and get them. I have had to keep the gate on his room just to keep him from sneaking his paci's - even if we put them up high - like on the changing table - he still manages to get them.
7. He throws things when he is mad - cars, toys, etc. He will even pull his paci out of his mouth and throw it if he is mad enough. Sometimes when I tell him not to throw things he will pick it back up and throw it again!!
8. He loves to spit and thinks it is so funny!!!

So Eli has now entered the stage of having time outs (which he actually tolerates really well - thank goodness - he stays in the chair for an entire minute), he has to say sorry (and boy the look on his face says that he really means it - he shows you that he really is sorry). He is also getting the occassional spanking. Hopefully this will be short lived and my easiest kid of the 3 will return shortly!!! He really is a sweet boy, he just has his moments - good & bad, here is good one . . .
**The girls I work with gave me a baby shower and I got a glow worm for the new baby. However I don't think this baby will actually get to play with it. It has become Eli's 'baby'. He carries it everywhere, hugs it, pushes its belly to make it light up and sing and yesterday we found him playing peek-a-boo (the cutest thing I think I have ever seen) with it. I hope that since he has 'his baby' that maybe the addition of the real baby won't be so difficult on him.
Baby update: no he is still not here - had a false alarm the other night. I contracted every 3-5 minutes for about 7hrs on and off. Went to the doctor in the morning - I am now 2-3cm instead of just 2cm - a lot of good those contractions did, and to top it all off it was in the middle of the night and I was exhausted. Hopefully he will arrive sometime this week - until then . . . . .

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random stuff!!

I am sitting at my computer drinking my second glass of Coke, eating sugar cookies. Today I do not care what I eat. I have been so good for most of my pregnancy I am having a day where I am treating myself to whatever I want. I am tired of the diet soda, the sugar free snacks, low sugar cereal, fat free milk, etc. I am under the 2 week mark (induction scheduled for the 24th) and I am counting down the days. My clothes don't fit anymore and I feel like I am being cut in half by them. I have contractions all the time but nothing regular. Maybe just maybe I will go in to labor on my own.
I am cleaning my house, here and there, making food and freezing it for easy meals after the baby. I have 4 more days of work until my maternity leave starts. My bags are packed and the nursery is ready. Now the baby just needs to arrive!!!
The kids are getting excited! Adley always makes comments about how slow I am or that I can't bend over because of the baby in my belly. Eli just comes over lifts up my shirt, pats my belly and says, 'belly, baby' with a confused look on his face. He does it several times a day.
This week for FHE we decided to review a movie that I got the kids for Christmas about Moses. These movies can be found here. They are great and the kids enjoy watching them. We decided to review the 10 commandments. When Jared got to #7 - he told me I could explain this one "Thou shalt not commit adultery" Hmmm, how am I going to explain this one to a 4 and 6 yr old. Luckily Jared came up with his own explanation. "It means that mommies and daddies don't have any other boyfriends and girlfriends" Enough said - they accepted that explanation.
The other day Adley got in trouble and had to have a time out - when he was done I asked him if he knew why he was in trouble, he replied, "because I wasn't following Jesus' example." He really surprises me by what he is learning at church.
Also when we were driving home on Monday here is the conversation between Adley and me.
Adley: mommy, why don't we ever go that way (pointing to the right)
Me: Because we live this way, we don't have any reason to go right
Adley: But I want to go that way (pointing right again)
Me: If we went that way we wouldn't be going anywhere and we would just be wasting gas
Adley: But I want to see that part of the city!
**Maybe he will be a little traveler when he gets older.

Recently I have been trying to find ways to make our monthly bills cheaper - mainly the grocery bill. I have been clipping coupons, printing internet coupons, etc. Yesterday my cousin posted some more sites on her blog about coupons and getting the best deals. I have made a section to the right titled 'savings' with these sites on it. Help yourself, I have spent most of the morning printing coupons and registering for free stuff. Here are 2 good deals I found:
1) Home Made Simple Coupon Book - sign up here and receive a book full of valuable P&G coupons ($27 worth!). Each book also contains a coupon good for one free item!

2) Beech-Nut Parents Pack - call 1-800-523-6633 to request yours. I called this morning and I should get my pack in 2 weeks.

Well that's all for now!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Yes, I am due soon!

As my due date is getting closer and closer and I am feeling bigger and more uncomfortable everyday I find it very interesting the comments and questions I get from complete strangers. I have decided that I want to make a shirt with all of the answers so that I don't have to repeat myself a thousand times. It would go something like this:
"Yes I am due soon, the end of this month. Yes, I am aware that I look 'due'. No this is not my first baby, but my fourth. No I did not get pregnant as a teenager, I was 23 when I had my first one. Yes we know what we are having, it is a boy. Yes my fourth boy, no girls at home. No we are not sure if we will try again (can't I get finished having this one yet?) I work as a Labor & Delivery nurse. I guess I work in the right place (but if I wasn't pregnant would I be working in the wrong place?)."
I think it is funny how people feel the need to comment - for example at the store last night the cashier said, "somebody's gonna have a baby" I should have looked behind me and said "really, who?" Yes that would be me that is going to have a baby - believe me I am fully aware! I understand that people mean well and are just trying to make conversation, but does it always have to revolve around my ever expanding belly and the number of kids I have. What ever happened to "hi, how are you? how is your day, etc . . . "
Okay enough of that - I went to the doctor today. I am 36 4/7wks. He has agreed to induce me on the 24th, but no sooner. I hope that I actually go in to labor on my own - but I don't expect to since I never have before. (Skip this part if you don't want to know exact details of my appt). I am already 2cm dilated, 50% thinned and very anterior. So at least I have that in my favor. My doctor did agree to strip my membranes at 38wks as well. (It has never worked before, but hey I will try anything to start labor). My weight gain is good around 28lbs. The baby is moving a lot and I have irregular contractions all the time. The other day Adley wanted to feel the baby. I had him put his hand on the top of my belly and explained to him that the baby's head was down at the bottom of my belly and that his bum was at the top and his legs and arms were kind of in the middle, so the baby was curled up in a ball. Adley looked at me and said "yeah, he's kind of like PacMan when he curls up and gets ready to rev-roll"
Another funny thing that Adley said yesterday. We were driving in the car listening to music.
Adley: "Can a lady sing this song?"
Me: "Sure, I don't see why not"
Adley: "Can a lady play a tuba?"
Me (laughing): "a tuba, yeah a lady can play a tuba"
**Kids think of the most random things!