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Finally. . . .

I have gotten around to posting pictures of our Arizona trip. Not that today isn't a busy day.....I was up a lot last night with a puking boy and husband, cleaned and disinfected the house and did my grocery shopping (which I don't recommend to do 2 days before Christmas). But the house is quiet (for now) so I'll see what I can post.
We were in AZ for Thanksgiving and took a side trip to San Diego. My brother Steve and his family, my sister Andrea and her family and my parents and grandma came with us. We had a blast. First we went to Legoland (I think Jared was the most excited) and then to Sea World. The kids loved the Shamu show and so did I, it still amazes me that people can have such a unique relationship with the whales.
Our kids traveled great! We were a little nervous, with this being the first time we have ever flown or traveled 6hrs in the car with all 4 kids. We were trying to boycott the airlines and their baggage fees so we bought two new carry on piece…

12 inches

That's how much snow fell at our house on Friday. That is the most I have seen since I lived in Idaho 22 years ago. I left for work around 6:30am on Friday with no snow on the ground and some sleet coming down. It really started snowing around 9am and it kept coming down. I had packed a bag to stay at work in case the weather was just too bad to get home. The snow had mostly stopped by 7pm, but there was no way our Accord was going to get anywhere in 12 inches of snow. Thankfully Jared's dad and brother came and got me and I was home by about 8pm. The kids have loved playing in the snow. All of the neighbor kids were out too. We don't have any snow gear really except for hats, gloves, scarfs and 1 pair of boots. We did the best we could with what we had. We shoveled the driveway late yesterday along with the rest of our neighbors, now we are just patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the state to come and clear the roads. I called this morning and they sa…

New Family Pictures

While in AZ we took some family pictures. I posted a couple on the right but they are kind of hard to see, so here are a few from the bunch. Our family picture turned out pretty good except Liam has a funny look on his face but I guess 5 of 6 people looking is pretty good.

On a side note:
**Today the boys have been making me crazy. Our first incident was of Adley hitting his eye on the table - he did it to himself, not being aware of his postion to the table when bending over. Then Adley and Aidan were play fighting (never a good thing) and Aidan ended up falling off the couch and smacking his heat on the metal air intake - pretty good size bump with a few drops of blood. Later, Jared and I were in the kitchen when we heard the boys say, "Let's be ninjas", simultaneously Jared and I both yelled, "NO!". Then of course somehow Adley had his fingers bent backwards by Aidan and then they wanted to play dodge ball. All of this in my tiny tiny living room!!! I t…

The Beach

Eli running on the beach in San Diego!

Jared took this picture and I think it is amazing! If you click on the picture and look close enough you will see that Eli is actually in the air - his feet are not touching the ground. This is just a peak of our trip and I will post more later. I know I have been terrible about posting but with getting back from AZ, working, and Christmas stuff I haven't had the time or energy. Also I updated our family picture on the right to include Liam - it's about time seeing as he is 9.5 mos. More later I promise!