Monday, April 19, 2010

Here comes trouble...

Liam loves to get into everything...he empties out my cabinets and drawers on a regular basis!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break!

Last week was Aidan's spring break. We went decided to do something fun with the kids and we took them to Dollywood. It is a pretty easy trip for us to take and we get season passes every year. We left town last Thursday and made it to Tennessee by lunchtime. The weather was terrible and raining when we got there and the boys were bummed. We did a little shopping and got some ice cream and then checked into our hotel early. By 4pm the rain had stopped so we decided to go for a few hours. We had a great time and the park was practically empty. We rode a few rides and then we went to a show about drums. When we got there we realized we were able to participate too. They had everyone is a circle with their own drum. Jared, Adley and Eli participated, Aidan was too shy. They had such a great time. Eli even started dancing in the middle of the circle.

Eli rode several new rides this year - he loved this one. Aidan is not a fan of this ride. He doesn't like being dropped or going on things that are high. Eli is much like Adley and nothing scares him. I hope Aidan outgrows it soon.
Eli dancing - video below

Boys playing the drums
Adley - very serious about his drum playing

I think Eli has some awesome dancing skills don't you!!!

Day 2 - a little chilly, but that didn't stop the boys. They got wet on this ride - I wore a poncho, I am not a big fan of staying soggy wet all day. However, I did bring a change of clothes for the boys.
Aidan & Liam on the pigs - Aidan is such a good brother to go on the 'baby' rides with him

Playing in the park

We had a great day and plan to go several times this year. Hope you all had a great spring break as well.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yard Work!

Recently as the weather has gotten warmer we have been out in the yard more. Winter this year and our lack of caring for the grass the last few years has really taken a toll on our yard. Luckily the husband of one of my friends from work owns a lawn care & landscaping business. We traded out some computer work for the yard work. What they did in 3 hrs one day would have taken Jared and I 5 Saturdays I am sure. They fertilized, limed, mulched and pruned. Our yard looked great. A few weeks after that though we started noticing that we had more weeds in our backyard than actual grass. Totally our fault for not fertilizing and weed preventing for the last several years. With having so many little kids it was hard to get out in the yard as often as we liked. So now we started pulling and pulling and pulling up weeds, until we had grass with big brown patches everywhere. We are currently trying to reseed those areas. The boys have enjoyed being out in the yard and Eli is a great little helper.

Jared & Eli
Bad I know - we are hoping the grass starts to pop up soon!
Spring weather and a picnic outside!

Aidan starts soccer

Last month we signed Aidan up for soccer. We have only ever done 1 sport with him - T-ball a few years ago and it was just an okay experience, the group we went through was so unorganized it just wasn't fun. So this year I decided it was time to try again, this time we were going to use the Parks & Rec group of the county. I signed him up and waited and waited and waited to be contacted by his coach. Turns out they rely on the one of the parents of the team to be the coach and no one volunteered. They told us to just show up to the first game and see if anyone would volunteer then. So after a busy spring break (more on that later) we showed up to Aidan's soccer game at 9am. He was given a uniform and was going to start his game. He has NO experience in soccer whatsoever. The team that was supposed to play us didn't show - why would they, there was a big blank spot next to their name on their schedule because we didn't have a coach. So the other 2 teams there playing incorporated our 4 of 12 players that showed into their game - how nice! The coaches gave our kids the basic instructions to play. For Aidan's age group they play 3 vs 3 micro soccer. They play for 3 min increments and then switch out. I think each half is 15 or 18min. I was impressed that we actually made it to the 9am game, but then quickly remembered that I didn't bring Aidan any water, the kids were freezing in their shorts, and I didn't bring any chairs to sit in - next time we will do better. At the game one of the moms agreed to be the coach - hooray for that! Her daughter plays high school soccer and actually refs some of the little kids games so she will be her helper. I was so worried we were going to have a bad experience again. Aidan loves soccer - he says its waaaayyyyyyy better than T-ball. He had his first practice on Monday and loved it then too. Here are a few pictures and video from his first game/practice/time ever playing.

Aidan is in blue

They each take a turn at being the goalie
Running after the ball - he's pretty fast!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nick Jr!

As you know I follow a blog about a little guy named Jonah that has EB. His blog link is on my sidebar. Anyway awhile back his mom posted a hilarious letter to Nick Jr, found here. I have to say I agree with her!!! Read it and enjoy!