Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Finally. . . .

I have gotten around to posting pictures of our Arizona trip. Not that today isn't a busy day.....I was up a lot last night with a puking boy and husband, cleaned and disinfected the house and did my grocery shopping (which I don't recommend to do 2 days before Christmas). But the house is quiet (for now) so I'll see what I can post.
We were in AZ for Thanksgiving and took a side trip to San Diego. My brother Steve and his family, my sister Andrea and her family and my parents and grandma came with us. We had a blast. First we went to Legoland (I think Jared was the most excited) and then to Sea World. The kids loved the Shamu show and so did I, it still amazes me that people can have such a unique relationship with the whales.
Our kids traveled great! We were a little nervous, with this being the first time we have ever flown or traveled 6hrs in the car with all 4 kids. We were trying to boycott the airlines and their baggage fees so we bought two new carry on pieces which Aidan and Adley pulled. We did not check one piece of luggage (except for on the return flight, long story, rude guy, unhappy mommy, baggage fee waived). The big boys pulled their luggage and had a backpack and so did Jared and I. Eli and Liam were in strollers, with the diaper bag and one other bag. We packed light.... thus we did lots of loads of laundry.

Our little travelers
Aidan, Adley and Karsen
Aidan at the Lego driving school
Liam just being cute - he is such an easy baby to travel with. He cut 4 teeth on our trip and you wouldn't have even known.
I think Jared is little big for the ride, glad he went and not me!
Adley and the Lego White House
Aidan, Karsen and the Bionicle
Shamu Show
Eli and the Beluga Whale
Playing Simon Says in the hotel room
Laguna Beach - before they got wet
After they got wet!
Tough boys!!
(I think the passerby's thought we were crazy, but the kids enjoyed every single minute of it.)
Putting up the tree
He is so darn cute (it's hard to punish him sometimes)!

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

12 inches

That's how much snow fell at our house on Friday. That is the most I have seen since I lived in Idaho 22 years ago. I left for work around 6:30am on Friday with no snow on the ground and some sleet coming down. It really started snowing around 9am and it kept coming down. I had packed a bag to stay at work in case the weather was just too bad to get home. The snow had mostly stopped by 7pm, but there was no way our Accord was going to get anywhere in 12 inches of snow. Thankfully Jared's dad and brother came and got me and I was home by about 8pm. The kids have loved playing in the snow. All of the neighbor kids were out too. We don't have any snow gear really except for hats, gloves, scarfs and 1 pair of boots. We did the best we could with what we had. We shoveled the driveway late yesterday along with the rest of our neighbors, now we are just patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the state to come and clear the roads. I called this morning and they said it should happen sometime today. I hope so, I have to be able to get into town and retrieve the car and be able to get to work in the morning. I don't think too much of it will melt away today, it's 10:30am and still only 32 degrees outside.

Maybe the snow will stick around long enough for us to have a White Christmas!!! I won't mind as long as the roads are cleared!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Family Pictures

While in AZ we took some family pictures. I posted a couple on the right but they are kind of hard to see, so here are a few from the bunch. Our family picture turned out pretty good except Liam has a funny look on his face but I guess 5 of 6 people looking is pretty good.

On a side note:
**Today the boys have been making me crazy. Our first incident was of Adley hitting his eye on the table - he did it to himself, not being aware of his postion to the table when bending over. Then Adley and Aidan were play fighting (never a good thing) and Aidan ended up falling off the couch and smacking his heat on the metal air intake - pretty good size bump with a few drops of blood. Later, Jared and I were in the kitchen when we heard the boys say, "Let's be ninjas", simultaneously Jared and I both yelled, "NO!". Then of course somehow Adley had his fingers bent backwards by Aidan and then they wanted to play dodge ball. All of this in my tiny tiny living room!!! I think the boys need a padded room, because inevitably if they fall, fight, etc someone is going to hit a wall, baseboard, sharp corner or someone. I am hoping we can make it through the week without a trip to the ER!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Beach

Eli running on the beach in San Diego!

Jared took this picture and I think it is amazing! If you click on the picture and look close enough you will see that Eli is actually in the air - his feet are not touching the ground. This is just a peak of our trip and I will post more later. I know I have been terrible about posting but with getting back from AZ, working, and Christmas stuff I haven't had the time or energy. Also I updated our family picture on the right to include Liam - it's about time seeing as he is 9.5 mos. More later I promise!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boys Birthday Party / Play dates

Last Saturday we celebrated the boys birthday. We had most of Jared's family over and the kids had a wonderful time. We crammed an extra 15 people in our tiny house. We didn't do much but let the kids play. I had put together a quick treasure hunt for the kids. We had dinner, opened presents and then ate cake. Here are the pictures:

Looking for treasure
Following the clues
Eli found the treasure
Aidan's castle cake
Blowing out candles

Below are a few pictures of some play dates we went on the last few weeks - one to a goat pasture and the other to hands on and then ice cream.

Visiting the goats
The kids and their friends
After ice cream
Eating ice cream - Yum!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Boys!!!

Have I ever told you how much I love my boys!!! Well I do, as much as they make me crazy sometimes (all the time), I love them. I love all the funny faces they make, the things they say, they dance and they sing (especially Adley). I can't get enough of "I love you mommy", or "will you tuck me in mommy", or "scratch my back mommy" or "play with me mommy". They make me smile and laugh and sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out and cry (but we won't go there now). For the most part they are all wonderful. With the energy these boys have we will definitely have to be in a bigger house soon (pray please that this happens), we are just running out of space and the noise can be a lot at times.
This past week the older boys had birthdays - Aidan turned 7 and Adley 5. Wow, time sure does fly by.

Things I love about Aidan:
He loves to read and learn about new things, especially science stuff
He is a good helper with the baby
He wants to be good
He is creative
He is a good friend

Things I love about Adley:
He tells me he loves me at least 5x a day
He loves music and loves to dance
He is sensitive
He also loves the learn
His big brown eyes and eyelashes for miles

The list could go on and on but those are only a few. We are celebrating the boys birthdays this Sat with family but here are a few pictures from Adleys birthday.

Adley's robot cake

Opening presents

And from today - Aidan's birthday.

Before school
After school
(He also got one last week, thanks to Eli opening it and bringing it to him)

We took the boys out to dinner last Saturday and they got to go to the Hands On museum with some friends (I'll post pics of that later). Aidan will get his cake done for the party on Saturday - wish me luck - he wants a castle.

Since I bragged about the birthday boys I can't help but want to brag about the little guys too.

Things I love about Eli:
He says "I do it" to everything - he's very independent (except in the potty area, but we're working on that)
He always has a smile on his face
He makes me laugh - all the time
He loves his baby brother
He loves to watch movies (favorites are: Robson's or Meet the Robinson's and Fu Panda or Kung Fu Panda)
He loves to sing (see video below)

Things I love about Liam:
He is a mama's boy (the only one of the boys and I love it)
He still cuddles with me every night before bed
He doesn't spit baby food at me (Yet!!)
He loves to play peak a boo
He can deal without being on a schedule b/c try as I might this has not happened yet

Of course there is more I love about these boys too!
I gave the little boys haircuts tonight - this was Liam's first hair cut. They both held still pretty good. Here are some pics of the boys in the tub after.

Liam's Halloween Costume

Eli loves the song "Hit me with your best shot". He heard it on Guitar Hero the first time and today it came on the radio and he loved it.

Recently we have had to get the kids their flu shots all kind of sporadic. First the little boys, then the big boys. Then we got everyone but Adley the H1N1 (he had been sick). Then the following weekend Adley got his H1N1, then Liam had to get his regular flu booster. I know, lots of shots. For awhile after that whenever we got in the car Eli would say, "go get flu shot mommy?". Um, no Eli this is not actually an everyday occurrence. Then I heard him a couple of times singing, "Hit me with flu shot, fire away". This boy cracks me up!
Another Eli favorite: "Lets go to Chicken Lay" or as we call it Chick-Fil-A

Liam has been battling the same ear infection for the last month or so. He just finished his 3rd antibiotic. We pray this antibiotic will be the one that works. Otherwise the doctor is talking tubes soon if he keeps getting them. Pray he is better, especially since we have to fly next week.

Well I'm off to bed!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Go Utes!

A couple weeks back I took this video of Eli from my phone to send to Uncle Greg. Just thought I would share because I think it is so cute!

Sorry its sideways - thats the way I took it with my phone and there isn't a way that I'm aware of to rotate it.


We had a great Halloween this year! Early in the week we carved pumpkins. The boys designed the faces and Jared carved the faces (or used power tools). Then on Friday night I had to work and met the boys at church for the halloween party. Aidan was a Knight, Adley a Ghost, Eli a dinosaur (or an alligator, depends on which mood he was in) and Liam an Elephant (only got one pic of him in his costume and it wasn't a good one, I may cheat and put him back in his costume today for a pic). Jared did a fantastic job on Aidan and Adley's costumes. Aidan's is made from cereal boxes. Then we went trick or treating on Halloween with some friends from work with their kids. This was the first time we took any of the kids trick or treating that wasn't at the church. The kids had a lot of fun despite the light mist of rain which turned into a downpour. They were all very good sports!

We had Alien pumpkins this year!
Daddy using the power tools - made it so much faster!
The end result
Halloween night
Aidan wearing his costume to school
Cupcakes that Jared and I made for the church Halloween party