Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter and more

We have been so busy lately I haven't had anytime for extra stuff - and blogging is extra for me! We had a wonderful Easter and spent the day with Jared's family. The kids had fun coloring eggs and hunting for them as well. Aidan really really wanted to eat one of the hard boiled eggs - we tried to tell him to wait until they had been in the refrigerator for a while, but he insisted on eating it then - needless to say he doesn't like them. Here are pics from Easter:

All of the grandkids - except Liam

Last week was the boys Spring Break. We didn't have much planned except going to Dollywood. It is an amusement park near where we live. We have season passes and it is an easy day trip for us. The boys are usually pretty good and we have a lot of fun. Liam did well also, especially for being in his car seat for a good part of the day. We got home at 11pm and were a little sunburned and very tired.
Yesterday I decided it was time for my shaggy looking boys to get a hair cut. I usually give them a couple of haircuts and then about every 4th one I take them to the salon so that their hair can be 'fixed' back to normal. I feel like I am getting better each time and the boys are so patient with me. I usually watch the girl who cuts their hair closely so I can learn and my sister gives me pointers as well. I HAVE to learn to cut hair or I will be broke with every 6 wk haircut by 5 boys. I do not however dare to cut Jared's hair anytime soon. Below is a pic of Aidan and Adley with their new haircuts - my best yet. Jared even thinks I cut Adley's hair better than the salon girl did the last time - Yeah!

Liam is doing well. He is now 2 months old. I can't believe how time flies. About 2 weeks ago I had to take him in to the doctor because of a skin problem called 'seborrhea'. It is like cradle cap but on the face. It is a result of the maternal hormones still in his body. The doctor says there is really nothing to do but wait and it will go away on it's own. However there seemed to be an infection starting on his ears - they were so inflammed from the seborrhea and weeping. He was put on orapred for the inflammation and kelfex for the infection. The orapred cleared his face right up and the kelfex healed the infection. Unfortunately he can't stay on the orapred b/c of long term use side effects, but the bumps have come back on his face, but not nearly as bad. While visiting the doctor we weighed Liam - he weighed 12 lbs 6oz at 6wks. He is fattening up nicely. He is a wonderful baby. He is starting to kick his feet and smile more often. He also loves his swing. Here are some pics of Liam:

Eli is starting to talk a lot more now. The big boys were outside playing and Eli was inside with Jared. He went over to Jared and said "play, me" and pointed at the Legos. He also loves Liam!!! He tries so hard to say his name. My in-laws have a dog named Lily and Eli can say her name so well. He often times calls Liam, Lily. Today though it started to change. Today he called him 'lela' and 'leah'. We are getting closer. Before Easter we decided it was time to put Eli in a big boy bed. He has been sleeping in his crib bed on the floor since after Christmas. We finally went and bought him a twin bed. He was so excited. He kept jumping on it before I could even get it set up and put sheets on it. The bed will come in handy as well since tomorrow my parents and my grandma are coming to visit.

In other news - Aidan lost his 4th tooth - the 'tooth fairy' is running out of money. Funny how it came out though - the boys were rough housing and Adley kicked it out of his mouth - it has yet to be found. Aidan wrote the tooth fairy a note telling her he couldn't find it. The day before Aidan came in to Jared coughing and gagging a little bit. Jared asked him what was wrong - he said that he had swallowed a Lego man head. (This is not the first time - and they wonder why we tell them not to put Legos in their mouth).
Well I think I am mostly caught up on our events over the past few weeks. I need to finish cleaning my house. I was under the impression that my parents and grandma were coming on Thursday and I learned today that they are coming tomorrow. I am not sure how I mixed everything up, but I have to work tomorrow - so lots to do and not enough time.