Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ehren & Jessie

Last Saturday Jared's little brother Ehren was married. We spent the day in Columbia, SC at the temple and then went to Ruth's Chris Steak House (which by the way has the best sweet potato casserole I have ever tasted!) for dinner. We were without kids for the entire day, Sheri, a friend from church and who works for Jared's parents watched our 3 boys with her husband and her daughter Morgan. They took the boys to the river and played and fished. The boys have never been fishing before. They had a good time except Aidan was bummed that he didn't catch anything. Here are some pictures of Ehren & Jessie and some of the boys.

Ehren & Jessie

Eli at the river
Aidan fishing
Adley learning how to fish

Swimming lessons!

The middle of July the big boys took swimming lessons for the first time at a local city pool. They had a great time, but are still a little nervous in the water. The like to use the float belts and doggie paddle around but don't like to try and float on their back yet. Both of the boys surprisingly will dunk their heads under water though. We will probably repeat the same class next year and then hopefully move past beginners. The boys really haven't been in the water much, we have only ever been to the pool a couple of times and then the beach. While I am in Arizona in August, Jared is going to take them back to the city pool and work on everything they learned. Here are some pictures.

Adley 'doggie paddling' with float belt
Adley holding on
Aidan practicing with his teacher
Aidan waiting his turnThe Boys!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Beach!!!

So we have been home from the beach for a week and yes I am finally posting pictures. It has been a busy week at our house and I have been at work A LOT! We had a great trip to the beach. All of the boys loved being in the water this year. This was Eli's first trip to the beach and it did take him a day to get used to the water and sand, but by the end, he was jumping with the waves, smiling and laughing. We stayed with the parents of Jared's friend Doug. We picked up Doug and his girlfriend Keely on Wed and continued on to Wilmington. This was the longest car ride (6hrs) that Eli has ever been on - I was running out of food, tricks and entertainment by the time we got there. We went to the aquarium again and also walked on the Pier and got ice cream. Here are the pictures. . .

Aidan jumping in the waves
Alligators at the aquarium
Eli and a turtle
Crazy pelicans - they were everywhere on the Pier and were not afraid of people at allWe built a big pile of sand in front of Eli to divert the water in case it came up high enough without warning - this time it did - he loved it!
Boys on the Pier
Right after the water came up around the pile of sandMy favorite picture of the boys!

The 4th of July - Jared took the boys up to Pink Beds to have a picnic with his family. I spent the day at work. Since I was at work there wasn't very many pictures taken except this one of Eli. Jared spent most of his time chasing Eli, therefore he wasn't able to take very many pictures. The boys enjoyed playing with their cousins and playing in the creek. Even though I wasn't able to attend the picnic I was happy that I still got to eat some fried chicken that they served at work!