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Mothers Day Breakfast with Aidan

About a month ago Aidan's school did a Fathers Day breakfast for the daddy's and yesterday was my turn to go to the Mothers Day breakfast with Aidan. We had such a good time. Aidan's grandma was able to come too. The kids performed a few songs in the beginning. Here is a short video - Aidan is kind of blocked out by some of the other kids. He is wearing a light blue shirt with green stripes and behind his 'girlfriend' Lauren who is wearing red and a headband. He is in the center of the video. Listen to the words it is so cute.

Here are some other pictures too.

The other day when we went to the bank the boys got stickers and one of them was of a butterfly. Aidan decided to save it for Lauren. One day after school he told me that he gave Lauren the sticker and a candy cane at lunch time. He said that Lauren followed him around on the playground. Jared asked if that was okay with him, Aidan replied, "Of course dad, she's my girlfriend". He also…

Girls weekend!!!

So this past weekend, my wonderful husband let me escape for one night and go with some girls from work to Pigeon Forge, TN. We left Friday morning and went to Dollywood - it is an amusement park, very country and lots of fun. One of the main reasons we went to this area was that one of the girls boyfriend is singing there. The Festival of Nations is going on right now at Dollywood and he is part of the Zambian Vocal Group - they sing Christian music and raise money for a school of 180 kids in Zambia. To check out their website go to They are very good and very funny. When we arrived at the park it started to downpour and our umbrellas didn't help very much - we were soaked and stayed soggy for about 5 hours. We went to T.G.I.Friday's for dinner and then went miniature golfing. After we got back to the hotel we played Guitar Hero on the PS2 for hours(I know not something you would expect out of a bunch of girls!). We had a lot of fun and sta…

Kindergarten Ready Rally

The beginning of this month we took Aidan to the mall where they had a Ready rally for the future kindergarten kids. They had several tables set up with fun things for the kids to do. We planted seeds, matched colors and numbers and even went through a tray line to show the kids what the cafeteria will be like.
Adley wanted to participate too!
Aidan with his trayThe boys on a school bus
Aidan was so cute - when he sat down in his seat on the bus he asked 'where is my seat belt?'

We took Aidan about a week later to the school to register for next year. They took him into a room by himself and did an evaluation so they could see what he has learned already. When Aidan was done I asked him what they asked him - he said they wanted to know if he knew his colors, shapes, numbers, the alphabet, etc. I asked him if he got them all right and he said 'Of course, it was easy'. I hope he isn't too bored next year.


We found this new place called Bounceville about a month ago. I took the boys with my friend Kendra and her son about 2 weeks ago. The kids had a blast. It is indoor and has a bunch of blown up things to play in.
Kendra, Eli and Aidan going down the slide
Anthony and Aidan
AdleyMe & Adley

We had a lot of fun and look forward to going some more during the summer. It's nice to have more options to choose from for the kids.

Sippy Cup Mastered!!!

Finally about 2 weeks ago Eli has learned to use a sippy cup - he can't drink from it sitting up - he still hasn't figured out that he needs to tip his head back, but at least he can do it laying down. Here is a picture!
The blonde hair is still hanging around - I love it - and his blue eyes!!!!

Many posts in one!!!

"I don't want to clean up, I'm tired . . ."
If you have children then I am sure this phrase is oh so familiar to you. Yesterday after a long day of staying home and attempting to watch General Conference, my house was trashed. The kids had toys strewn from one end of the house to the other . . . Lincoln logs, Legos, cars, etc. But when it was time to clean up before dinner I got the usual response "I don't want to clean up, I'm tired." I hate it when they say that - they sure had enough energy to make the mess, I guess they should have saved some of that energy to clean it up. We tell the kids they can't eat dinner if they don't pick up. But then we get the response "but we are starving . . .". Well I guess if you were starving you would picking up rather quickly by now. The other side to all of this is when they beg for your help to clean up THEIR mess. Of course I am going to help my kids clean up their mess, but while I…