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Now that Aidan is in public schools I am realizing just how little money these schools are getting, otherwise they wouldn't have to be sending home fundraising projects every other week (not really, but that's how it feels some days). Right now we are currently in the middle of 2 fundraising projects, followed by the constant letters to save our box tops, campbells labels, and water bottle labels. It is hard to say no to these fundraisers b/c they get the kids so excited about it. They win prizes depending on how much they sell, etc. I would rather just go and buy the toy then have to ask the same people for money everytime, especially with the economy the way that it is - no one has extra money despite how good the cause. I guess I should feel lucky that I only have one kid in school right now - my mom was telling about when all 6 of her kids were in school and trying to please all them with their fundraising projects. I do understand the need of the schools, I just wish…

Vote again!!

So I have narrowed down the baby list, if you wish to vote again you can.

Baby Names!?!?!

As I mentioned previously in another post, I was going to put a list of baby names up to see what everyone thought. I have placed a poll on the right side of my blog for you to vote. The list is a combination of names that Jared and I have come up with, some we like a lot, some only a little. We thought we would get everyone else's opinions as well. Please don't be offended if we don't pick the one that has the highest number of votes - this is really only to help us narrow down our list. We have chosen a family middle name already - some of you know it, but for now we will keep that a secret. Let the voting begin!!!!!!

Getting ready for baby!

So I am now already at 34+ weeks. Hopefully only 4 1/2 to go. If I don't go in to labor on my own my doctor has agreed to induce me on the 24th of February. I have been induced with the other kids, so I figure why not do it again. I really don't want to attempt giving birth to a 9lb baby (b/c with my history if I waited until term he would be that big), so induction is the way to go. I am doing well with my weight gain - only 20.5lbs thus far, not to say that it is not increasing as we speak - I have had such a sweet tooth lately and have not been eating as good. We have started to buy a few things here and there. There really isn't much to buy when you are having a boy for the 4th time. I have purchased some diapers, new bottles, his own outfit (the kid doesn't need everything to be a hand me down):-), new pacifiers and some new bedding. I have washed all of the baby clothes and I am in the process of getting the car seat washed and ready. Jared was laughing …

Aidan's tooth

Aidan lost his first tooth today. He was so excited! It has been loose for a month or so and today it finally fell out. It actually fell out into his Lego bucket and he had to search for it - he had to have it so the tooth fairy would come tonight! :-) Here is a picture of his smile now!


On Monday we decided it was finally time to transition Eli from the crib to a bed. With the new baby coming soon we needed to get started on this soon. We haven't purchased a new bed yet, so we just put his crib mattress on the floor for now. Recently Eli has been crawling up in the big boys beds and pulling the covers up, so we figured he was ready. So far he hasn't had too much trouble. The first night he just kept pointing at his crib (we have since taken it down, I know sounds backwards, we are having a baby and taking the crib down - we hope to not have to put it together until after we move since the baby will be in a bassinet for a couple of months - but we aren't convinced our house will sell before then). Anyways I think Eli felt less secure in his bed. I think he actually liked having the bars around him for comfort. We are now on day 4 and he goes to bed just fine and is doing better with his naps. We of course have a gate up so that he can't just le…

Sugar Bowl - New Orleans

Many of you know that my little brother Greg's football team - the Utah Utes went to the Sugar Bowl this year. I had the opportunity (thanks to my parents and other brothers for helping with my plane ticket) to go to New Orleans and see my family again and go to the game. Greg had only 6 tickets to give away so Andrea was not able to come, plus she has a new baby that she really couldn't leave. We missed you Andrea! We were there the 1st-3rd of Jan. We stayed in downtown New Orleans off of Canal street. I must say that New Orleans is definitely not my kind of city. We did get to take a boat tour down the Mississippi River which was fun, but overall the city was crowded, dirty and uncensored. The game however was a lot of fun. The Utes played a great game and came away with a 31-17 victory over Alabama. Here are some pictures from my trip:

Domino Sugar Plant, hence the reason they call it the 'Sugar Bowl'

View of the city from our boat on the Mississippi

Street d…