Monday, June 16, 2008

A good FHE idea!

Lately we have had a lot of name calling and fighting in our house. I know 'boys will be boys', but I have had enough. Today alone, Aidan received a new bruise to his nose (courtesy of a remote control from Adley) and many bites, and Aidan did his fair share of lying. So tonight for Family Home Evening I decided to focus on doing better in this area. I searched the internet and came to , a website that I use frequently and found a lesson titled 'Brotherly Love' - Perfect!!!! It talked about the difference between treasure chests and trash cans. The print outs that go with the lesson are here. I filled in the message circles with things good and bad that my children say and do. We went through each one and had the kids take turns deciding whether it was a good thing or a bad thing and placing it on the appropriate picture. The kids had a good time and definitely know right from wrong. We crumbled up the trash can picture with all of the bads things on it and threw it in the real trash can. We placed our treasure chest on the fridge to remind the kids that if we do and say good things than the Holy Spirit will want to be in our home. Our treat for the lesson was 'gold bricks' from our treasure chests, commonly known as Rice Krispies.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


We finally arrived home from our vacation last night and I am still exhausted!!! We have been in Tennessee for about 6 days. We arrived on Friday afternoon and checked into our cabin which is on the Pigeon River. Saturday we stayed at the cabin and let the kids play in the river. Sunday we went to church - I am sure we gave the Primary President a scare as she saw 10 extra children in Sacrament mtg - lucky for her we only stayed for the first hr of church. We then drove to Clingman's Dome and hiked up hill 1/2 mile to see the view and then hiked back down, total of 1 mile. The kids did so good. Monday we took our kids to Dollywood and surprisingly they did very well. We arrived and made a plan for the day. We had packed swimsuits for the water rides and Dreamland Forest water play place. The kids hardly complained the whole day. We had such a great time that we decided to get Jared and Aidan season passes (I already had mine from a previous visit, and the little boys were free) and we decided to go again on Wed. Tuesday we went to Ober Gatlinberg and rode the alpine slides - everyone enjoyed this ride - we all wanted to ride again but it is a little expensive. We then all went back to the cabin and enjoyed helping the kids float on the inner tubes for a section of the river. They had such a blast and did this for 2 hours. Wednesday we packed everything up from the cabin and headed to Dollywood again. We rode the rides we didn't get to on Mon and stayed for about 4 more hours. The kids had such a good time. We left about 4:15pm, right in the middle of a huge rain storm - my favorite :-) hardly - and headed home. We bathed, ate and went to bed. Unfortunately the boys are not as exhausted as we are, they woke up at 6:30am - all 3 of them. Eli however decided he was tired and is currently in his 4th hour of sleep for his nap - this is very rare. We realized this year that our vacations will only get easier - the boys were very well behaved and we feel confident about taking them places. So there you have it - our trip to Tennessee. Here are some pictures:

Clingman's Dome
Adley wanted a picture by himself
7 of the 10 grandkids
Aidan, Me & Adley on a water ride
Adley & Jared on roller coaster
(Adley was not afraid of any ride - Aidan on the other hand is not pictured on many rides b/c he was afraid)

Shooting Star - it takes you up about 25 ft and drops you down and then back up, etc. Adley smiled the whole time. Aidan watched.
Eli playing with big lego blocks
Eli and Jared at water play place
This was Adleys favorite part of the day
Aidan playing in the water
Alpine slides - Me and Adley
Jared & AidanFloating the river - Aidan
Adley with his 'light saber'

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


1) Adley: 'I'm Indy Indy Jones' or as the rest of us say 'Indiana Jones'

2) Adley: "I'm mad with you'

3) The other day Adley was putting on his sandals and they were on the wrong feet, Jared told him to change his sandals but Adley didn't want to now, he wanted to do it later. Jared told him to change them now and he helped him do it, Adley's response "You never follow my rules, I'm mad with you."

4) We went to the post office yesterday and there was a long line, I had all 3 boys with me and they were being pretty good - one man started talking to the boys.
Man: "How old are you?" (talking to Adley)
Adley: "I am 3" - holding up 3 fingers
Man: "You are 3?"
Aidan: "Yeah, you know the number that follows 2; 1, 2, 3"
Man: "Wow - why aren't you in school"
Aidan: "Because its summer break!"
**I couldn't help but to laugh - but boy do I have a smart alec child.

5) Why is it that my 5 year old is acting like a baby? Yesterday he got in to my makeup and today he wrote on my table, chair and window with a permanent marker. Good thing my clorox spray took it off. At least he admitted to it and didn't lie about it like he has been doing! I am trying to find the positive in all of this.

6) Why is it that I can't find a decent painting company to come and paint my chimney? We recently had to get our chimney resided and I have been trying for the last month to get someone to come and do the job. We have gotten plenty of estimates, but no one seems to show up when they say they are coming to actually paint!!!

7) Eli is often referred to as 'Tiny' by the big boys or 'Hoover' by Jared and I. Eli will eat anything in site and often out eats his brothers. He has cute chubby legs to prove it!

8) GO GREEN - One day Aidan came home from preschool and he had learned all about recycling. For the next week he constantly bugged me about leaving the water running when I brushed my teeth or not recycling other things. We don't recycle b/c our garbage company doesn't pick it up and b/c taking recyclables to the dump is not another thing that I have wanted to add to my list UNTIL now. So I broke down and purchased 2 more trash cans for the garage, 1 for plastic, 1 for aluminum cans. So yesterday Aidan was looking around the house for stuff to recycle. He would pick something up and say, 'Mommy, what is this made out of?" "Can I recycle it?" The funniest part was when he picked up a half full water bottle and asked if he could dump out the water so that he could recycle the bottle - Um , no that would be wasting the water!!!! . . . we can recycle it after we drink the water.

9) Why is it that every time I am with my kids somewhere (mostly Walmart) some person feels the need to comment on me and my children? Often times I hear in response to Eli fussing, 'Oh he must be tired,' or 'Oh, he must be hungry.' OR maybe he is tired of sitting in this cart stopping every 15 feet for someone to comment on how hungry or tired he is and making the grocery trip last 15 minutes longer.
Or when people hear me trying to keep my kids under control or disciplined in the store, they say 'Oh it will get easier, I promise, I had X# of children of my own' - Um - thanks your reassurance is so promising to me at this moment since you are a complete stranger AND if I thought children would never grow up and I would have to deal with this stage forever I wouldn't have had any children. I am well aware that as they get older it should get easier, but right now having you interrupt my shopping trip is not making today any easier.
The worst is when it is visibly obvious that I am trying to hurry and my kids are upset and I get stopped by an older woman that tells me how I am doing a good job and that kids grow up so quickly and how she misses her children and doesn't get to see her grandchildren b/c they live far away and at this point she is crying and it is 10 minutes later and my children are now more upset than before and I am late picking up Aidan from school.

10) My kids love anything that has to do with Star Wars or Indiana Jones (IJ) right now. They especially love the IJ commercials and toys from Burger King. Aidan even has an IJ Lego set. They have seen bits and pieces of the old movies and understand most of the story lines. The problem with this is that when we are in public this is what you might hear my children saying:
Aidan: 'I want to be the Nazi!'
Adley: 'No I want to be the Nazi!'
Aidan's Lego set comes with the Nazi that is chasing IJ and his father. We had to sit the boys down and explain to them that they can not be the 'Nazi' even if they are playing and they are not allowed to call each other one. We explained in simple terms why the Nazi's were bad people and that they hurt a lot of innocent people.

Okay I think that is enough randomness for one afternoon!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fabric shopping

As many of you know I love to quilt. Last weekend (23rd/24th) I went with my mother/sister-in-laws to Tennessee for a girls weekend. For Christmas my mother-in-law gave each of us girls some money for fabric and said we would go on a girls weekend trip to Tennessee to look at some of the shops there. We left Friday afternoon, had a wonderful dinner and played cards in our hotel until 1am. Then next day we went to 2 quilt shops. One of which was in Jonesborough, TN, called Tennessee Quilts. This was an amazing store and had a huge variety of fabrics and patterns. We ate a great lunch at The Bistro. We are thinking that we must do this at least once a year. We had such a great time. We arrived home around dinner time. The drive to/from Tennessee was gorgeous. My husband survived yet another weekend with the boys. This is the 3rd time in 2 months that he has given me a kids free night. He has always been very willing and such a good sport about it. Since we both watch the kids during the week while the other one works, he is often home with the kids as much as I am. I think he deserves a break too - any ideas?!? When he had the boys this time around - he took them to Advance Auto Parts where the Monster Truck 'Gravedigger' was on display. This was one of the actual trucks used in races - it is truck #21 for Gravedigger. The boys had a great time. Here are some pictures:

I am also including some recent pictures of Eli.

Jared gave Eli his very own cookie and he was so excited.
This is where I often find Eli - sitting in the back of the dump truck or standing in it. He likes to be pushed around by his big brothers.