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Catching up - Part 2

Yep, I'm still slacking and far behind on posting. It has been a hectic week - from making an offer on a house to having someone else make an offer on the same house and us losing out. We've seen 21 houses so far now and still no luck. We may be homeless soon - this whole process is overwhelming and tiring. My house is a circus - people coming and going fixing odds and ends in preparation for our home inspection this Wednesday. The kids coming in and out of the house all dirty, sweaty, stinky and of course always hungry...while I'm trying to do the normal household cleaning and cooking while packing a few boxes everyday...and still working full time in between all this craziness. I need a good nap!

Okay on to catching up...about 2 weeks ago we had the pleasure of a quick visit from my Grandma, 2 aunts and an uncle. It was so much fun to get to visit with them. We of course took them to breakfast up on the parkway and to one of the waterfalls to show off the beautifu…

Catching up - Part 1

Man oh man have I been slacking lately - well with the blog anyway. Really I have been super busy and blogging hasn't been a priority - sleep has! So here are a few updates:

1) first things first - we sold our house! So we have been busy trying to find the perfect house and neighborhood for our family. It is very very stressful to look for houses. I am exhausted too. We go for our 4th outing with the realtor tomorrow. Let's hope we find the right house. We do have 3 that we like but they are all at the high end of our budget. I did find 2 houses to look at that are at the bottom of our price range with unfinished basements - not that unfinished though - all we have to do is sheet rock, paint and carpet. The finished part of the houses are already bigger than our current house.
I started packing up the kids closets yesterday. Little by little we will get this done, hopefully before Sept 10th which is when we have to be out of our current house. We are a little sad to be…

The most beautiful thing I've ever seen...

one of my kids folding laundry!!!!

I can't tell you how much I hate laundry..I hate it right up there with cleaning the toilets. Other household duties I don't love but don't mind either, but laundry is the one that is never ever finished. I desperately need a bigger laundry room so that the couch behind Aidan isn't constantly full of 2 or 3 loads that need folding. We were showing our house this day and we really needed the kids help to get everything done in time. This is the first time Aidan has folded 2 loads by himself AND put them away. It was great and he actually said he didn't mind doing week unloading the dishwasher for Adley. I like it when they get bigger and can take on more responsibility. Woohoooo!