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Birthday Week!

Wow it has been a busy busy week! Adley celebrated his 6th birthday on Monday. We let him pick where we went out to dinner - he chose Fatz. Grandma & Grandpa joined us and we had a great time. He opened up some of his presents - his new favorite is Kung Zhu. He got a hamster and I had one for Eli as well - Eli ended up opening up his and then Aidan opened his up early. I wasn't sure if Liam would like them, but of course he did so we had to go get him one too. Our house is very noisy with 4 hamsters running around making various noises.
Adley opening his presents
Handsome boys - above and below!
On Thursday we had our very first 'friend' birthday party. We rented a bounce house place and invited kids from school, church and work. We had a pretty good turn out and the kids had a blast. We let them play for awhile - ate pizza/salad, then cake/ice cream and then more playing time! Birthday parties are definitely A LOT of work, but the smiles on the kids faces mad…

EB Race & Halloween

Last week was EB awareness week. On Friday Kendra, Lacey and I drove to Winston-Salem, NC to meet Jonah and his family and also the Ringgold's (Bella's family). We had such a wonderful time eating and talking with everyone. I have to admit it seemed a little weird going there knowing so much about 2 families that really don't even know me back. Although after being there 15 minutes that didn't seem to matter anymore. They were all very welcoming and great to talk with. We have been following these families for so long it was great to finally meet them.

Ali (Bella's sister) & Jonah
Tim and Ali

After the EB gathering we drove the 2.5 hours home and woke up early the next morning for our EB awareness 5K race. It was a very chilly 32 degrees that morning with frost on the grass. After about 1/4 mile I couldn't feel my face, hands or toes. By about the 2nd mile I was regaining feeling everywhere but my hands. Next year gloves will be a necessity. Even though …