Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good News!!!

So we have a few things to tell everybody. The first is that Jared passed his real estate licensing exam this morning on his first attempt. He is so happy to have that out of the way. He has already applied for one job here in town at the busiest real estate agency. We will keep you up to date with regards to that.
Also yesterday Adley went pee pee in the potty - TWICE!!!. We hope that this means he is starting to show interest in becoming potty trained as the double duty on diapers is gross and expensive. He also is telling us when he is stinky. So obviously he is not liking the feeling of that on his bottom too much either. Keep your fingers crossed. Of course today he hasn't wanted to use the potty but I won't push him - it gets me too frustrated and from learning from my experience with Aidan I just need to let him do it on his own time.
Also I have included a picture of a recent quilt top that I have finished. I started it back in Jan '06, but set it aside around May '06 due to having other things to do. So I got it out about 3 weeks ago and finished it up. I just need to find someone to quilt it for me. This quilt will be going on my bed. I also have another quilt that is about half done and should be done in the next few months. Quilting is something that Jared's mom taught me and I love it. I love looking back at something so pretty and saying - 'wow I did that' - very rewarding. I would love to open a quilting/fabric store. Who knows maybe down the road sometime!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007


Okay, so we don't actually have real sprinklers, because it normally rains enough here to keep things green, but lately we haven't had any rain. So since our grass was starting to turn brown in some spots we bought a sprinkler. Since the boys were all hot and sweaty from watching Aidan's T-ball game we decided to water the grass and let the boys play. Here are a few pictures. I'll get better ones of them actually playing on another day.

More T-ball

Aidan had his first 2 T-ball games this week. He is doing really well. He is hitting better and actually running after the ball when the other team hits. It is so much fun to watch. Half of the time someone is running to 3rd base from home or the kid on 1st starts to go after the ball that his teammate just hit. There are parents at every base trying to direct the kids where to go next. I call it 'organized chaos'. The age for the team is 4yr olds, but I think a few 3rd year olds snuck in. Aidan is very proud of his team shirt. He is #6 and in green. It was 85 degrees and we had no shade so we got our umbrella out. It worked pretty well.

Isn't he just so cute in his uniform!!
Hitting the ball!
Running to 2nd base (he actually knows what order to run the bases in, unlike some of the other kids)
Batter up! (Aidan is funny - he is so picky about what bat he chooses - it is different every time)
Glad someone is staying cool! His chair sits lower than ours and he was not in the mood to share!

Eli at the table

Thanks to Eli's Bumbo chair he is able to join us at the table for dinner. He just looks around, pretty soon I am sure he will be eyeing our food and want some. Here are a couple of pictures of Eli with his hat on, one of him grabbing his hat and one with Aidan and Eli.