Monday, August 9, 2010

This & That

The past few weeks have been so stressful at our house. From selling the house to finding a house to packing to losing a house to losing our contract to get the idea. What an emotional roller coaster we've been on. We keep telling the kids we are moving then not moving and now all of the sudden another offer on the house. Are we moving??? I have no idea! I won't hold my breath until we close. Another problem is trying to figure out where we should start the kids in school. We won't close until after school starts and our plans are to build in another district. Decisions, decisions! I keep trying to find the positive in all of this, really I do. I know I often times focus on the negatives around me but I am determined to start seeing the positives. I can't control everything or change a lot around me but I can choose to be happy and roll with the punches. So I'm rolling.....

We've had a great summer with the kids. Many outings with friends, visits to the park, swimming, etc. I love my kids but really school can't start soon enough for me. I'm tired of entertaining! Plus twice a week for a few hours I will only have Liam with me. He is such an easy kid and he can't talk yet so no complaining from him - although I really do wish he would start to say something. He understands a lot and can point to his head, ears, mouth, nose and belly. I try to get him to say different words but he just smiles at me and tilts his head to the side!

Here are recent pictures of the kids from a trip to the park and out to lunch. Total 3 mommies and 8 kids.

Tonight I will run in my first 8K race ever. I've only ever ran 5 miles without walking twice - like in the past week twice. Wish me luck. If my head is in the right place I can do this - I would like to improve my time by 2 minutes tonight. I love running now. I never thought I would but it is really a good stress reliever for me and time to myself to clear my head and listen to music without interruption. I haven't had any more trouble with my legs hurting so I think my body is getting used to all this running. Jared has been such a great support to me. He often times will bathe the kids and put them to bed so I can go running in the evening. My next goal will be to do a 10K race - when? I don't know, but I'm going to try to have various races to compete in to keep me motivated and something to work towards. There are a couple more 5k races to do this year.

I'm off to AZ this weekend - just Liam and me. I hate leaving the rest of the family behind, but we will all go to AZ together in December. I wish it didn't cost so darn much that we could always go together. I'm so excited to meet my new niece Stella. The boys will have a fun weekend. They have a night planned to go to a minor league baseball game with daddy and pop-pop. I'll post pictures of my trip when I get back!