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My Plan

So I have a plan - a good one! I have completely quit nursing Liam and he doesn't mind the bottle, so Jared is now able to help feed him in the middle of the night. I discovered a few nights ago that Jared never remembers getting up with the baby (I don't how that is possible), so to my plan - wake Jared up to get up with the baby - for all he knows the baby has been sleeping through the night for the past week! Sounds great doesn't it - I think so - Full nights sleep here I come!!! Jared has caught on to this a little, probably b/c I often ask him if he remembers getting up with the baby. Now he asks me if he got up, I just reply 'I guess you'll never know'.

Update on Liam - He is crawling everywhere- not army crawling anymore but really crawling, but only if he thinks you're not looking, once he sees that you see him crawling he goes back to his belly. He had an ear infection about 2 weeks ago with a fever. We put him on an antibiotic and the poor kid …


Liam has 2 teeth now and it has taken me awhile to get a picture of him that actually shows his teeth. Today he smiled really big and I took the picture at just the right time. Isn't he so cute! Let me tell you those little teeth as innocent as they look are razor sharp! Liam is army crawling everywhere, getting up on his knees and yesterday he even lifted his knees up off the floor so only his toes and hands were on the ground - pretty impressive! He has been sleeping better at night until recently when Eli gave him his cold. He has a horrible cough and the starting of an ear infection (saw the doctor yesterday). Hopefully he will start feeling better soon.

2 teeth - bottom center
Sitting up
Crawling on Eli
Liam fell asleep on the floor - must have been a rough morning!

Faith and Endurance

As many of you know I have a huge soft spot in my heart for babies, thus my reason for being a Labor & Delivery nurse. I love babies. I love my babies and other peoples babies. Recently I have come across a few blogs that have really got me thinking. I have grabbed the buttons from these blogs and placed them on my sidebar. Many of these babies were born with conditions like 'ectopia cordis', 'Epidermolysis Bullosa', or 'Omphalocele' yet they endure and their parents endure the trial that has been placed before them. These babies face many surgeries and deal with a lot of pain. Read their blogs you will see their strength, faith and their love for God even in the hardest of times. I have also come across a blog where a woman named Sara newly diagnosed with breast cancer finds out she is pregnant and later she delivers her beautiful baby girl only a couple of weeks before she leaves the world herself.sara's blog. Another is of a baby boy named Eli…