Wednesday, May 30, 2007

2am or 6am???

Okay, so I need to share a funny story that happened last Sun - early morning. In the middle of the night I was getting ready to feed Eli and heard Aidan calling from his bedroom for his daddy. I tapped Jared on the arm and asked him to go and see what Aidan needed. He asked me what time it was, I responded, "it's 2". Jared is the ward clerk and has to get up at 6am on Sundays to be at church by 7am. Anyways Jared rolled over and I again tapped him on the arm and told him not to fall back asleep. He got up and instead of going to Aidan's room went to the bathroom. Aidan kept calling and for fear of the other kids waking up I went to his room - he needed a drink and to use the bathroom. By this time Aidan, Adley, Eli and myself were all awake and Jared was still in the bathroom. I got the boys settled and got back in bed. Then I heard the shower turn on - I ran to the bathroom and proceeded to ask Jared 'what are you doing, it's 2 in the morning?' He looked at me puzzled, I repeated 'it's 2 in the morning'. He thought I was waking him up for his meetings and still doesn't remember me asking him to see what Aidan wanted. The story gets better. So Jared gets in bed and then I see hall/stairwell light on. Since I was finally feeding Eli at this point Jared went to see what was going on. Both the big boys were down stairs watching TV. He rounded up the kids told them it was the middle night and put them to bed. Aidan fell asleep pretty quick, but Adley was up past 3am. So on our way to church in the morning Aidan was complaining he was tired. I told him that was b/c he got up in the middle of the night and thought it was morning. He responded 'But daddy got in the shower'. Needless to say we all needed a good Sunday afternoon nap!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Picnic at Pink Beds

For Memorial Day we went with Jared's family up to the forest to a place called Pink Beds for a picnic. We had to go a little late in the afternoon because I had to work until 1pm. We actually got up there at a great time because as we were setting up others were already leaving. The kids had a great time and we spent about 4 1/2 hrs up there. They threw rocks in the stream, played T-ball, kicked a soccer ball, hid in the trees and ate lots of cookies. The kids were exhausted as we drove home and all 3 of them fell asleep in the car. Waking them up for a much needed bath was a chore.

See my rock!!!
Eli & Mommy
The boys on the bridge.
Yummy - Oreos!!
Eli taking a nap!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


We decided that this summer we needed to get the boys out of the house and get them involved in something. So we signed Aidan up for T-ball. The first practice didn't go so well as Aidan said he was 'shy' and he sat on the grass about 15 feet from his team and watched. The 2nd practice went much better and he loves going now. He practices 2 times a week and should start having games in a week or two. He will play through the end of June. We found out this week that the team needed to have a sponsor to get their team shirts and hats. I was wondering what the $65 went towards that I paid when I signed him up in the first place. I won't get started on that though. So we asked Jared's dad if the pharmacy would sponsor the team and they said yes. Aidan thinks it is so cool that his team is sponsored by his grandpa's business. Anyway we have been practicing with Aidan in the back yard and have since bought Adley, Jared and myself a glove so we can all play catch. Well I need to get to bed - I have to work only half a day tomorrow and then off to have a picnic, I will post pictures of that as well.

Bumbo Chair!!!

Since Eli is now 3 mos old we decided to start using his Bumbo chair that was given to him by my friend Kendra from work. He loves it. He can last about 20 minutes in it without fussing. He loves to watch TV in it and it helps to strengthen his neck muscles and teach him how to sit up. Adley likes it too however he is too big for it and his bottom gets stuck in it.
Eli has started smiling purposefully about 2 weeks ago. He is such a happy little guy and 'talks' all the time. He has also started moving his body a little more kicking his legs and waving his arms. Eli is definitely our biggest child at this point - even though he started out smaller at birth. He weighed in at a whopping 16lbs 6oz the other day - he did have his clothes on though. Speaking of how big Eli is he is hungry now so I will be back later to share pictures of Aidan's T-ball team.

World of Blogging!!!

Okay so we have entered in to the world of blogging thanks to my sister Andrea. I guess it is a good forum for sharing pictures and to keep up to date with how our friends and family are doing. I have found myself checking Andrea's frequently to check for new pictures of her little girl. So here we go!!!