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First Day of Kindergarten!!!!

Today was Aidan's first day of Kindergarten. He picked out his clothes the night before and I got his lunch and snack made. We got ready his backpack full all of the required stuff by his teacher, and his shoes and put them by the back door. I was so afraid of being late, but we got up by 7am (I am not really looking forward to doing that everyday) and left by 7:40am. All of us went to take him to school - however due to the rain Jared and Eli stayed in the van. Aidan had already met his teacher last Thursday at 'Meet the Teacher' day and knew where his classroom was located. He was so excited for today to come. Yesterday he told me 'Mommy tomorrow you will have a kindergartner!' We walked him to his classroom, found his seat (which is by his 'girlfriend' Lauren that was in his preschool class). We checked in his backpack, and lunch with the teacher assistant and his teacher took a picture of us and then we said goodbye. Aidan did great and just s…


Many of you have asked to see what our new flooring looks like. I have already posted pictures of the carpet and now I will post the hardwood. We had installed 5in Walnut floors. We got pretty lucky actually b/c we originally wanted 3 1/4in, but the manufacturer was out of the 3 1/4in so we were upgraded to 5in at no extra charge. We love the floors and I am getting used to having to sweep them everyday instead of vacuuming.
Entry way
Living room
OfficeCloser look at the floor - the flash makes it look more red than it is

We are still in the process of putting on the floor trim. We also have decided to replace our kitchen table b/c Eli does not want to sit in his high chair anymore and our table only has 4 chairs (plus it is 10yrs old). We purchased one from JCPenney home, but it is on backorder until Oct. We took apart our old table so that when the floors were being redone there was more space to put everything from the living room/office. So this is how we have been eating dinner la…


For the past 7 days Eli and I have been in Arizona. My sister had her second child a little over a week ago and we came to meet him. Living so far away from my family is hard so the baby was a good reason to get to come and visit. We miss Jared and the big boys A LOT, but are enjoying our time here. We leave on Wed to come home. While we have been away from NC Jared has been working so hard at getting all of our home projects completed. He is exhausted and can't wait until it is all finished. Here are some pictures of the old carpet coming up and the new carpet in.
Old yucky carpet coming up
New carpet on the stairs
New carpet in boys room

The carpet is completed, the bathtub refinished and the hardwood is being installed today. We are excited about all of the new changes, yet sad that now that we finally did what we wanted to that we will be selling the house to buy a bigger one.

Here are a few pictures of Eli eating an apple. He grabbed one out of the refrigerator when I was…


You are probably wondering what the #4 means - to us it means BABY #4!!! Yes we are pregnant with baby #4. The baby is due to come March 2nd, 2009. We will probably expect him or her the end of February though. It has been my most eventful pregnancy yet. I was never sick with the boys, but I have been nauseas and exhausted from the very beginning of this one. I found my self at one point extremely dehydrated and needing IV fluids at the hospital. I am doing better now just struggling with the nausea and the lack of appetite that comes with it. We hope that I will start to feel better soon. Jared has been superhusband during all of this - he has helped me so much with everything around the house (dishes, laundry, bathing the kids, etc). I think I may have only cooked dinner 3 times this month - not for lack of effort - but because I can't stand looking at the food. I would be happy to have a smoothie 3 times a day for meals. Unfortunately where we live doesn't have a…

I passed!!!!!

For the last 3 months I have been preparing to take my Electronic Fetal Monitoring Exam for work. It is not a required test for my job but an added certification that the hospital I work for pays extra if you hold.
I have been stressing for some time now since the last big test I took was 7 years ago for my nursing license. I was out of practice for studying and had a hard time focusing. Two girls from my floor took it on Monday and both passed and my friend Kendra and I took it today. We both passed. I have to say it was one of the hardest tests I have ever taken. 110 questions of pure stress. So now I can officially sign my name with an RNC II at the end of it (The II refers to the clinical ladder at work) and I get an extra $150 every 3 months from work just for having this certification. So there you have it . . . my good news . . . and now I can sigh with relief!!!!