Friday, July 20, 2007

Busy Week!

So to start the week off, I decided that since Eli was 4 1/2 mos old I thought that I would start him on some baby food. I skipped the rice cereal and went straight to the real baby food. He has had sweet potatoes and squash and he seems to like them pretty well. He gets half of the 2 oz container once a day at dinner time. Jared and I have had to freshen up on baby feeding skills - the one bite that you feed the baby three times because they keep pushing it out of their mouth. So I will share some of those pictures later. Also Eli has figured out how to roll over. He rolled over for the first time on the 17th. He is rolling from his back to his belly a lot and has now rolled from belly to back twice. I looked up when Aidan and Adley were rolling over - about the same age - but they both rolled from tummy to back first. Not sure which is harder - I guess back to belly since they have to hold the weight of their big heads. Anyways so that was exciting. Eli is doing really well and getting in to a good napping routine. Now if I could only get him to sleep through the night. I have contemplated moving him to his own room/crib sometime next week. Not sure if I will follow through with it though. Eli is a happy baby and is always smiling. Thursday when I was at work Jared said that Aidan was doing tricks and saying stuff and he got Eli laughing really hard. Aidan and Adley are both doing well - I got out the easel this week and let them paint. They played well together and didn't get too messy - but at least the mess they did make was washable. I took pictures of that as well. Last Sunday when I was getting the boys ready for church - Jared has to be there early for meetings - I was trying to get Adley to eat his oatmeal. He asked for help and after a few minutes I went over to help him . After I fed him his first bite he patted me on the head and said, 'you a good mama'. Also something else he said that was funny - he didn't remember what a peach tasted like from last summer and I cut one for him for lunch this past week. He ate it and said, 'its not too bad'. Funny Kid! Aidan is doing good - he finished his t-ball season and I put a picture of him getting his trophy. He was so excited to get his first trophy. Lately Aidan has been obsessed with Transformers and Star Wars. He was jealous when Jared & I went to see the Transformers movie. He is still too young to see the whole movie, but we told him that when we buy the movie on DVD (a request by Jared - he has had fun reliving his childhood!:-)) that he will be allowed to watch certain parts. We have been eating at Burger King a lot - their kids meal toys are Transformers and the boys insist on eating only there so they can have the complete set. We currently have 7 of the 8 - with many doubles. Let's just say that Burger King is not my favorite place to eat at this point. So that is our week in a nutshell. Enjoy the pictures!!

Playing on the computer together - rare moment!
Adley snuck out during dinner and called us to the living room to see the 'baby'
Eli in the big bean bag.
Aidan getting his trophy.
Eli's first bite of sweet potatoes.
Eli smiling after he was all done with his food.
Eli again in the bean bag.
More painting!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

High School was 10 yrs ago!!

I can't believe HS was 10 years ago. I am starting to feel old. Jared often reminds me that I will be 28 soon. I tell him that's okay because he has been 28 for 4 months already. Anyways my 10 yr HS reunion is this summer, I won't be attending as it is in AZ and we can't make the trip. We have been receiving emails from the reunion committee asking for updated photos. So below you will see the pictures that I sent in of the family. Finally there is one of Jared and I together for those of you that keep asking for us to take a picture.
Also I am going to try an add a video of Eli laughing. He has just recently started laughing without us tickling him and it is so cute.

Eli in the bean bag.
Me & Jared

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy July 4th!

Okay, so I know it has been awhile since I last posted. This post will be long so keep scrolling for pictures at the end. Here are a few updates. Adley is doing well with the potty training and goes on the potty 3 or 4 times a day. Hurray! Hopefully in a month or two he will be fully trained. That will be a happy day. Eli went for his 4 mo check up last week. He weighs 17lbs 4oz. He is doing well and we are trying to teach him to roll over - it is hard since he is so chubby. We had a fun weekend. We took the boys over to Gma/Gpa Sheltons and let them play on the slip and slide with their cousins and then we braved taking them all to the movies. We didn't tell them where we were going and surprised them. Aidan was excited - it was the 2nd movie he had seen in the theater and Adley's first. When we were getting out of the car Aidan put his sun glasses on and Jared said "Aidan you don't need your sunglasses - it's going to be dark inside", Aidan responded, "I know but I want to look cool going to the movies." Funny boy! They saw Ratatouille (sp?), it was good but whoever decided that a kids movie should be 2 hours and 6 min long is not too smart. They did good for about an hour and 20min. After the movie we got dinner and headed to Winston-Salem, NC. We stayed the night at Jared's friend Dougs apt - about a 2 1/2hr drive. We did this b/c the next day we traveled the remaining hour to Danbury, NC where Jared's dad grew up. They always have a family reunion twice a year - a picnic for the day. We had a good time at the picnic and then made the 3 1/2 hr drive back home.
On Tuesday Adley got to spend the day with Jared working on the house while I took the other boys grocery shopping. Shopping with 3 kids is a disaster and not a pleasant experience so I always try to only have 2. Anyways it was around lunch time and Jared asked Adley if he was hungry and Adley responded "No, I am just happy."
Okay now to the 4th of July. We spent the morning tidying up our house - we got alot accomplished and then headed in to Jared's parents to let the boys play on the slip n slide. We ate barbecued ribs, baked beans, corn on the cob, salad and fruit. Yummy meal!!! We decided to avoid the crowds at the fireworks shows - that also didn't start until well past the kids bedtime - so we decided to have our own little fireworks show. We got some sparklers, pop-rocks, rocket fountains and other fountains. The boys had a good time and still managed to stay up well past their bedtime. So now I will post some pictures from the week.

Adley loves to have the window down in the car and let the wind blow through his hair. We are currently letting his hair grow out, so I only cut around his ears and trim up his neck.
Aidan on the slip n slide
Adley going down the slide with a little toss from daddy.
This was the first time we put Eli in a high chair and he fell asleep while we ate dinner.
The boys and their sparklers, we had one minor injury - after the sparkler went out Adley dropped it on the ground and then he accidentally stepped on it a few seconds later - it was still hot and it left a little line on his foot. He is fine today.
Trying to light all of the sparklers.
Watching our fireworks from the back of grandmas car.