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Thanksgiving was not the same for me this year. I had to work. I think it might be the first Thanksgiving that I really worked (not just been on-call) in 7yrs. I think that is a pretty good track record for a nurse. However, when I thought that I might get to be on-call for half the shift, I was excited. At least I would get spend some time with my family during the day. Unfortunately I ended up working about 10 of my 12hrs (with a short escape to the house around lunch time). We were incredibly busy. By the end of the day we had discharged 11 patients (10 of which were mine) and only had 6 patients left. Then yesterday work called and asked if I could come help for a couple of hours - what? - I just left that place and cleared out most of the patients. They had 2 patients in labor and several other admissions throughout the night. So the sucker that I am, went in for a couple hours to help.
All in all I still got to eat the fabulous thanksgiving meal cooked by everyone else…

Can you do this????

Little kids amaze me with their flexibility. Eli does this all the time. He leans over and puts his head on the floor and just stays that way for a few minutes. Recently he has seen the boys doing somersaults and he so badly wants to do one too. That is why he is grabbing his legs in this picture - trying to force them over I guess.

Here is a picture I thought I would share too - Eli wants to do everything that his big brothers do. He has now started laying down next to Adley in the mornings to watch TV.

Boys Birthdays!

Recently we celebrated Adley's 4th birthday and this coming week is Aidan's 6th birthday. On Saturday we let Adley open his present from Grandma Laurie as well as a birthday card from Great Grandma Bird. We went to Bounceville in the morning. Here are some pictures:
Birthday boy

Eli making a basket with a little help from daddy
After Bounceville we went to Lowe's to get more stuff for the bathroom remodel we are currently working on - it should be done today - we are still waiting on cabinet doors though so I will post pictures when it is finished. We loaded a double vanity sink top and a medicine cabinet into our van. Some days I think our van looks like one of those clown cars - when the clowns and stuff just keep coming out of it. It can sure hold a lot. Anyway we ate lunch at Chick-Fil-A by request of Adley. Then on to the grocery store to get stuff to make the cake and the lasagna we would be having for dinner on Sunday. We tricked Aidan in to trying out a few bi…


So for Halloween this year we did what we do every year. We dressed the kids up (after quickly finishing their costumes 15 min after we were supposed to leave) and took them to the church for the annual 'Trunk or Treat'. Upon arriving to the church here is the conversation from the van:
Aidan (aka Batman): "Mommy I don't think I want to take my Batarangs in to the church, I think I will just leave them in the car."
Me (to Aidan): "What, I just finished making those and that is why we are late,"
Adley (aka Pirate): "Yeah I don't think I want to carry my sword"
Me (to Adley): "What, I just finished spray painting that an hour ago and daddy put it together"
Me ( to Jared): "Why do I even bother?"

Some days I do wonder why I even bother with things like that. I would have been happy to not make those little parts of their costumes. It would have been less stressful for me and maybe we would have arrived on time. Maybe I do it…