Monday, March 30, 2009

1 mo

It has been a while since I posted last. Having 4 kids can leave one with little time. I have just been trying to keep up with laundry, cooking, cleaning and feeding the kids. We have been so busy lately that poor Liam didn't have any pictures taken for at least 3 weeks. So I got the camera out last night and took a few (pics posted at the bottom). He is getting bigger. At his 2 1/2 wk checkup he was already at 9lbs 9.5oz (almost a 2 lb weight gain). He has been my most eventful baby thus far. He had to have his umbilical cord dried up with silver nitrate, he had cradle cap, he has reflux and now he has baby acne. None of the other kids had this (except the reflux). Despite all of this we are loving our beautiful baby boy. He has started sleeping longer stretches at night 4-5hrs. I hope to get him on a schedule soon as I am going back to work on Wed. The reflux is usually what causes all of the problems in the middle of the night - which means he usually ends up in bed with me and I don't sleep well and I don't like having him in my bed - it makes me nervous. Yesterday we took Liam to church for the first time. He did really well - slept for most of it - except when I went to feed him. I was burping him and he let out a nice big burp - followed by - you guessed it - his entire feeding - it landed straight down the inside of my dress - Yuck! I just sat there thinking to myself 'I can't believe that just happened- Ugh!' I knew that keeping a change of clothes for Liam in the diaper bag was a must - but I guess keeping a change of clothes for myself isn't a bad idea either.
The big kids are doing well. We took them to the dentist last thursday (which also happened to be Jared's 30th birthday - yes 30 - I know he is getting old!:-)) This was Eli's first time going. He did pretty good - pictures are posted below.
Not much else is going on here. We are enjoying the nice spring weather and enjoy having the kids outside to play since our house is so small. We did have another showing of our house yesterday - we hope that it will sell soon.
Now for the pictures:
Liam 4.5 wks old

Ready for bed
Getting chubby!
Eli at the beginning of his dental visit
Slightly traumatized!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another great deal!!!

Today I went to Walgreen's for some good deals. First I purchased 2 packages of Jumbo Huggies diapers (both on sale for $10), and 2 packages of Huggies wipes 232ct (both on sale for $6). I had them total the price first (around $34), then I gave them the coupons that I found here (2 - $5 off and 2 - $3 off). It brought the price down to $18.16. Since my purchase was over $25 (before coupons) I also got a RR for $10 to be used at Walgreens in the next couple of weeks. I then went and got the EasySaver catalog for March at the front of the store - tore out the coupon for the Garnier Fructis shampoo & conditioner. Regularly $2.99, the coupon was for $2 off. I went and got 10 bottles, used my coupon for the $2 off (savings of $20- it applied the savings to every bottle despite the limitations the coupon had printed on it). I purchased the 10 bottles for $10 +tax, but used my RR coupon from my diaper purchase - so they were essentially free, except for tax. So in total I got: 10 bottle of shampoo/conditioner; 2 jumbo packages of diapers; 2 packages of wipes (232ct) all for about $20!!!!!!!! Total savings: $62.02

Monday, March 9, 2009

Missing Teeth!

Aidan has lost 2 more teeth - and they happen to be both of his front teeth. He looks a little funny these days and has trouble saying a few words. He thinks it is great - he gets money from the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy at our house has been slacking a little - she forgot to come the night Aidan put his tooth under his pillow - Aidan was very upset. I told Aidan that maybe a lot of other kids lost their teeth on the same day and that the tooth fairy couldn't get to everyone in one night and to try again - this time she came!!! Whew that was a close one! Here is the latest toothless grin from Aidan:

Here are a few more pictures of Liam - he is doing really well - gaining weight, sleeping 4-5 hrs at night. He is a good baby - not fussy (for now). He is peeling everywhere and probably would love it if I quit picking the skin off of him (I can't help it!!)

Fresh from the tub

Here is a picture of Adley singing at the Daddy's breakfast that they had at this school (he is in the top, middle wearing a Yoda shirt):

Everyone is finally feeling better at our house. Jared was able to go to work today. The kids coughs are going away and after a 2 day head cold I am feeling better. I think it is a miracle that Liam did not get sick. Yeah for antibodies in breastmilk!!!
We spent most of the day yesterday with Jared's family. I didn't even think to bring my camera but wished I had. All of the cousins had such a good time playing together. It was a lot of fun and good food!!!
And this morning my brother and his wife welcomed their 4th child in to this world. She doesn't have a name yet, but was 7lbs 5oz. Congratulations Steve & Kadee!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The first few days . . .

after bringing Liam home were not at all what I expected. Liam is doing great - he is not the problem! He is a good eater (sometimes too much, every 2hrs in the middle of the night is exhausting), he sleeps a lot and well you know is good at needing his bum changed! He does all of the wonderful little things that newborns do. I feel guilty having to bring him home to such a crowded, crazy and noisy environment. I wish I could spend just one on one time with him for a couple of weeks without all of the daily distractions. They only stay little for such a short period of time I just want to enjoy every minute of it.
Now for the problems - there has be no rest for the weary in this house. Thursday night Jared had to go to his real estate class from 6pm-10pm, this left me to finish up with dinner, put the boys to bed, and bath Liam. (This might sound easy, but never actually having to take care of 4 kids by myself with absolutely no routine yet was a challenge). On Friday morning we got a call from our realtor saying that they wanted to show the house at 11:30. Sure, no problem we will clean our house in 2hrs and be out the door (easier said than done, but we are desperate to show the house hoping it might miraculously sell). Fortunately we did have a doctors appt to take Liam to at 1pm. He is maintaining his weight - he is 7lbs 12 oz, so only down an ounce from his birth weight. During the process of cleaning the house Eli lost his pacifiers (yes, plural - he carries around 2 sometimes 3 at a time). We looked everywhere for them, and Eli looked for them but they have still not been found. However, since Eli knows he lost (or hid) them he hasn't been too upset. He has now been without his pacifiers since Fri morning. Bedtime and naptime take a little longer, but he hasn't complained too much.
Saturday Jared got sick (not to mention that Aidan and Eli both have coughs). He has essentially been in bed since Saturday evening. I think he has the flu. So this leaves me and only me to take care of 4 kids, keep the house clean (dishes, laundry) and make sure everyone is fed, bathed, changed, etc. I am exhausted (especially from the every 2hr feedings at night - Liam did actually go 4hrs last night - yeah!). I am afraid that if I take a minute to relax that I won't be able to keep up with the ever increasing messes around me. After making dinner, feeding, bathing and putting the big kids to bed, then feeding Liam I realized yesterday at 7:30pm that I hadn't showered yet. I felt yucky!
Now this morning Jared is still in bed, and we are all still couped up in this house b/c it snowed 4-5 inches here last night and school was cancelled. I am afraid to let the boys out to play for fear that their coughs will get worse, but I am dying to have some quiet time in this house.
I am praying that Liam doesn't get sick. I have been disinfecting everything in sight and trying to keep Eli's little fingers off his baby brother. Eli loves Liam. When he sees him nursing he comes to sit next to me and says, 'bite, bite' or 'eat, eat'. I haven't noticed any jealousy yet, he just wants to sit next to him or touch him.
So that is the last few days in a nutshell - sounds like fun doesn't it!!!!
Now for pictures b/c I know that is what you are all really here for:

Eli getting a haircut
Doesn't he look so much older without the fuzzy head!

Adley and his lego robots