Thursday, January 24, 2008


On Tuesday night we had Family Home Evening with the boys. The lesson was about the Armor of God. The boys really liked learning about the different kinds of armor and what each represented. We were only going to do a quick lesson, but then I remembered I had some poster board. We made the boys 'Shields of Faith', 'Girdles of Truth', and 'Swords of the Spirit'. We didn't have enough poster board to complete the ensemble, (breastplate, shoes, helmet) but they got the idea. We gave them examples on how to use each in the real world. They had such a good time. Here is a picture below.

Eli's new favorite word: No no no no no no no no no . . .

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let It Snow!!!!

Last night as I was driving home from work it started to snow and this morning when we woke up the snow was 4 inches deep. Aidan is the only kid who has every really seen snow or played in it, but that was about 2-3 years ago. So the kids were so excited this morning to get dressed up (in what snow attire we could find around the house) and go play in the snow. Aidan however - resisted attempts to double up on his clothing and wear his big coat, so that is why you will only see him in a light weight jacket. It is raining a little bit now and we fear it will freeze tonight, which only makes for the roads to be worse and most likely that we will lose power. It seems like we always lose power with any kind of storm - hopefully maybe this time will be different - we are prepared though.
I added on a picture of Eli using his walker - he is getting better. He can stand by himself, he is just afraid to without the support - he will occasionally do it without realizing it though, but as soon as he does - he sits down. We hope the walker will give him more confidence.
Enjoy the pictures!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Super Heroes!!!

For Christmas Adley got this really cute super hero book from Grandma Shelton. The other day the boys decided to dress up as super heroes and fly around the house. They looked so cute I thought I would share a picture.

Also the boys have really been in to Star Wars lately. They take turns being different characters. Aidan usually starts the conversation and it usually goes like this . . . Daddy who are you going to be? . . . I'm Han Solo . . .Well then I'm Luke . . . Adley who are you going to be?. . . Chewbacca, I'm Chewbacca forever . . . Okay, then Eli can be R2-D2 . . . Mommy who are you? . . . Who are my choices - how many girls are there? . . . Princess Leia or Princess Padamay, but she dies . . . Well I don't want to die, I'll be Princess Leia. . . Okay . . . Aidan do you know another reason why I am Princess Leia . . . Yes mommy, because you and Han Solo are in love (giggle, giggle, giggle).

So these days around the house I am not referred to as mommy, mom, or mama. It is 'Princess Leia what are we doing today?' 'What's for lunch Princess Leia?' Hmmm, I think I could get used to this - when do the maids and chef show up???