Sunday, September 27, 2009


Aidan: Mommy, I'm bored!
Me: I can find something for you to do.
Aidan: That will involve picking up, I want to play the computer.
Me: Your not allowed to play right now.
Aidan: But I want to, I need to, it will make me happy.
Me: The computer shouldn't be the only thing that makes you happy, Aidan.
Aidan: It's not, Legos and cars make me happy, and Adley.
Adley: You like me?!?!?!?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rain rain go away!!!

For the past week it has been non stop rain around here and then finally today a little tiny bit of sunshine! I was getting so tired of the dark drizzly days, the look of everything being soaked and the mess it was creating on my kitchen floors day after day. And now I am annoyed at the time it takes us to get Aidan to and from school. The river that we live near has overflowed onto the main road to Aidan's school. It normally takes us 15 minutes round trip to get him to school, now it is taking us about 45min round trip. Living in the mountains does not provide one with many alternate routes. There is one other road close to us that would get us to the school quicker, but it has been closed for the last year for construction. The way we are going actually has a sign that says 'no thru traffic', but come on if I went the way I supposed to go it would tack on at least another 10 minutes. We are actually driving into town to then go back out of town to get to Aidan's school and then back into town and back out of town to get home. My gas budget this week is going to be over. Now that it has stopped raining hopefully the water will recede a little and by Monday the road will be open.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brace yourself it's a long one!!!

I have been such a slacker lately with blog posts. Not that we have been overly busy but I just haven't found the right time or energy to put anything in to words. I have recently gone full time at work and that may explain some of my lack of energy and time.
A couple of weeks ago Aidan started the first grade. On the second day of school I asked him how he liked first grade. He told me that "I love it mom, it took me a week to love kindergarten but I love first grade on the second day". The little stinker must have stopped loving it though because he faked sick at school yesterday and after two phone calls from his teacher by 9:15am Jared had to go and get him. Of course his tummy ache was miraculously cured by being at home.

First day of school
Someone else to vacuum!!!!

Earlier this month Adley started in the 4yr old preschool class. He goes twice a week and he loves to be out of the house. I love the break and enjoy only having 2 kids at home those mornings, even though I am left with the most, shall I say 'energetic' or 'curious' of the bunch - Eli! (I'm trying to be nice here b/c as you have read in other posts he sure has a way of testing my patience). Adley's arm is healing well. He got his cast off at his three week appointment. I wasn't expecting that at all and neither was Adley. They took the cast off and pulled his pins. Well 1 pin anyway, the other pin had migrated and somehow tucked under the skin despite the pin being bent at the end to prevent that. The doctor wanted to take him back to the OR to get it out. We didn't really want him to go under general anesthesia again and I wasn't crazy about getting another hospital bill. We asked the doctor if he could numb it up in the office and make the incision and remove it that way. He agreed and that's what we did. Adley sure is a trooper and scored another Lego set out of all this. It has taken a couple of weeks of 'arm exercises' as he calls them and he can almost straighten his right arm completely. We go back in 2 weeks for a follow up x-ray to check on how it is healing.
First day of preschool
Getting his cast off
1 of the pins
After the 2nd pin was cut out

Eli is doing well. His new favorite thing to do is unbuckle his seat belt in the car, which makes for long car trips due to frequent stops. He has recently been moved into the big boys room so that eventually I can move Liam into the crib (I know he is almost 7mos). He is taking a little longer to put to bed, b/c he is in the room with his brothers. Eli is showing his independence and is always saying 'do it', meaning he wants to do it. I wish he would start to show a little independence in the potty area. We have been practicing a lot with his numbers, shapes, and alphabet. He loves to do flash cards.
Eli trying to feed Liam his baby food
Eli asleep in the car
Eli eating ice cream that I didn't get him!

Liam is almost 7 mos old. We recently moved him from his bassinet to a pack n play in our room. I haven't moved him to the crib yet b/c I worry that if Liam cries in the early morning it will wake Eli up and he is a pain to get back to sleep. (We have already had a few mornings of 4am and 5:15 - Ugh!) I know I need to do this eventually but I am not ready for the effort it will take will Eli. Liam now has 2 teeth, both bottom middle. He is loving his baby food and we have recently started him on some formula so that I can wean him soon. Also this week Liam has started to army crawl!!!
High chair

Babies are so talented!

Videos of the boys dancing and doing 'The Robot', taken by Jared while I was at work.

And some pictures from our Utah trip:

Me and my very best friend Jenni

We grew up together in Arizona. We don't get to see each other very often, but we sure have a good time when we do. Jenni you can visit here anytime!

My brother Greg - he plays football for the Univ of Utah - #35 - Go Utes!
He plays safety - should get some more playing time this year!

Utes new weight room

My brother Robb and my new SIL - Christina
I really wanted this sign but couldn't figure out a way to bring it home on the airplane. It could stay outside my house year round!