Monday, December 29, 2008

It's been a while . . .

since I last posted. We have been so busy this month. Adley had his Christmas program at his preschool - they studied Italy and dressed so cute. They sang the song, "when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore . . ." (not sure of the exact title). Adley has sung it several times since to many people. I think he might be musical when he gets older.
We all recovered from our sickness and made the journey to Arizona to see my family. We spent 12 days there and had a wonderful time. Surprisingly it was warmer here at home while we were gone then it was in Arizona. We got to go to the Lego store, which the boys loved. We played at a really fun park, visited with friends, made a gingerbread house and sugar cookies, ate at our favorite places, went to the movies, enjoyed a visit from Santa at the house and tried to get in some rest. We had family pictures taken for the first time in 5 years since my brothers were gone on their missions. We finally got to see Uncle Greg. He has been home from his mission since last December, but we hadn't seen him yet. We got to visit with him the day before we left and Eli got to meet him for the first time. Football keeps him busy and they will be going to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl this week.
My dad does candy vending and thus has various kinds of candy throughout the house. My kids are now candy junkies. For the first couple of days we let them each have a quarter to use in the machines if they finished their dinner, by the 4th night I had had enough. They were going to eat their dinner b/c that is what they were supposed to, not b/c they were rewarded for it. So we put a stop to it.
I again got sick a couple of days before we left. This time with a horrible cough and congestion. I have coughed so hard at times I have worried my water might break. This little guy inside of me sure has gone for a ride though with my coughing spells. My stomach muscles are so sore now. Good thing he is cushioned with the fluid. I think I am on the mend now, finally.
We had a good return trip home on Christmas Eve, our travel was flawless - which is pretty rare. Our flights left on time, the kids were good and our luggage made it home. We ate our Christmas Eve dinner at Sonic (the only place we could find open) and arrived home at about 10pm. We had to buy milk at the gas station for $5.60 since that too was the only place open. We bathed the kids, made cookies for Santa (the pre-made squares you can buy), wrote Santa his note and put the kids to bed. We were exhausted.
Christmas morning we actually had to wake the kids up at 9am - they were still on AZ time. We enjoyed opening presents together. Jared's parents and his brother and his wife came over for breakfast. We had yummy Belgian waffles in our new waffle maker from my parents and then I got the dreaded phone call to come in to work early. I was scheduled to be on-call in the morning and go in at 1pm, but I ended being called in early around noon, not too bad. We had 3 babies born on Christmas.
So for the past few days the kids have been enjoying their new toys - mainly Legos - they each got 3 big sets, I feel like my house has been taken over by Legos. We are trying to return to our normal schedules and clean the house up from Christmas.
I am lucky that I have the opportunity at the end of this week to go to New Orleans with my family for the Sugar Bowl. Jared will be staying behind with the kids - isn't he wonderful!!!
Here are pictures from the month:

Adley in his outfit from preschool

A visit to Peter Piper Pizza so the kids could eat and play
Eli & Kensi
Gingerbread house made with GrandpaAshlyn & Aidan at the park

This is the park we went to - it was huge and had a farm section, a city section and a critter section
Eli with Santa - he wasn't so sure about Santa
Adley & Santa
Aidan & Santa

Santa and the grandkids with their stuffed animal from Santa (at least the ones that weren't afraid of him)
Uncle Greg and the boys (my mom made the Utah pants). Eli is grouchy as it is well past his bedtime
Super hero Adley
When flying home both boys happened to be wearing shirts with a plane and a cockpit on them. The pilot thought this was great. He got out of his seat and let the boys get in.
Christmas Eve
Christmas morning
Aidan and one of his Lego sets
AdleyEli got his very first lego set this year. It was a small car. Eli loves playing with legos and often times his big brothers get mad at him for playing with theirs - so it was time to get him his own. He opened the box, shook it, ran to Jared and handed it to him (to build it) and then clapped his hands and said "mine, mine". He was so excited!!!

Well I think if you have endured this post up until now you deserve a pat on the back.
Merrry Christmas everyone!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Our House

The process has been started!!!! After working really hard on the house the last 5-6 months we have begun the process to put it on the market. We had the realtor come on Thursday to take a look around (I don't think my house has ever been cleaner) and to give us an idea of what to list it for. We still have a few small projects to finish up, but the end is at least in site. We know the market is not great, but hope to have it sold by summer. I really only ask that we are out of this house by the time the baby in my belly is walking, our house is getting too small very very quickly. I was afraid after cleaning and decluttering my house that the realtor was going to tell me I needed to declutter a lot of things even though I already did. We really are in need of more space and our attic is full. We have starting the looking process and hope that if we do sell soon, that we will be able to get a good deal on another house.
As for the Christmas Spirit around our house. We put up our tree last weekend. The kids had fun decorating it and love to play with the stockings on the mantel. We have all been sick this past week, except for Jared. The boys are all coughing and I have been sick with the whole, achy, fever, chills, congestion, etc. I had to miss work on Sat b/c of it. I am trying so hard to save up my PTO for when this baby is born, being sick is not how I planned to use a day of it.
We hope to all be better by the end of the week.
Here is a picture of the boys by the tree:

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgiving was not the same for me this year. I had to work. I think it might be the first Thanksgiving that I really worked (not just been on-call) in 7yrs. I think that is a pretty good track record for a nurse. However, when I thought that I might get to be on-call for half the shift, I was excited. At least I would get spend some time with my family during the day. Unfortunately I ended up working about 10 of my 12hrs (with a short escape to the house around lunch time). We were incredibly busy. By the end of the day we had discharged 11 patients (10 of which were mine) and only had 6 patients left. Then yesterday work called and asked if I could come help for a couple of hours - what? - I just left that place and cleared out most of the patients. They had 2 patients in labor and several other admissions throughout the night. So the sucker that I am, went in for a couple hours to help.
All in all I still got to eat the fabulous thanksgiving meal cooked by everyone else (Jared even made the sweet potato casserole that I was supposed to make - so yummy!) and we spent some time with Jared's family eating left overs yesterday. Not an ideal thanksgiving - but I'll take what I can get. I am truly thankful for my family. My family is my world!!!
I don't have any pictures of thanksgiving this year b/c I wasn't there, but here are some other pictures from recently.

Eli with his cowboy hat on - he put it on and wore it for half the day yesterday
The boys in their Utah Utes shirts - who won their last game last Sat, making them 12-0 for the season. My brother plays for the team - this is his first year. They will be playing in one of the big BCS bowl games this year.
Eli actually watching the TV. He doesn't watch much, but it was the night of Utah's game and he heard me talking to the TV, saying 'Go, Go ,Go'. So he stood in front of the TV yelling 'Go, Go, Go' and clapping his hands. Future football player - maybe!?!?!

I did not attempt to go shopping yesterday, even though I am sure I missed out on many good deals. I can not deal with the craziness of the shoppers the day after Thanksgiving. Besides I am already 90% done with my Christmas shopping. We will be putting up our tree today and willingly listening to Christmas music (I don't think the radio stations should be allowed to play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving).
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the Christmas season and remembering why it is we celebrate Christmas.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Can you do this????

Little kids amaze me with their flexibility. Eli does this all the time. He leans over and puts his head on the floor and just stays that way for a few minutes. Recently he has seen the boys doing somersaults and he so badly wants to do one too. That is why he is grabbing his legs in this picture - trying to force them over I guess.

Here is a picture I thought I would share too - Eli wants to do everything that his big brothers do. He has now started laying down next to Adley in the mornings to watch TV.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boys Birthdays!

Recently we celebrated Adley's 4th birthday and this coming week is Aidan's 6th birthday. On Saturday we let Adley open his present from Grandma Laurie as well as a birthday card from Great Grandma Bird. We went to Bounceville in the morning. Here are some pictures:

Birthday boy

Eli making a basket with a little help from daddy
After Bounceville we went to Lowe's to get more stuff for the bathroom remodel we are currently working on - it should be done today - we are still waiting on cabinet doors though so I will post pictures when it is finished. We loaded a double vanity sink top and a medicine cabinet into our van. Some days I think our van looks like one of those clown cars - when the clowns and stuff just keep coming out of it. It can sure hold a lot. Anyway we ate lunch at Chick-Fil-A by request of Adley. Then on to the grocery store to get stuff to make the cake and the lasagna we would be having for dinner on Sunday. We tricked Aidan in to trying out a few bikes for us, I later went and purchased the bike for him for his birthday.
On Sunday we had Jared's entire family over for the boys birthday party. We had lasagna, bread and salad for dinner, and of course cake and ice cream for dessert. This year I made an Indiana Jones cake for the boys - the scene when the boulder is chasing Indy down. The boys loved it. The boys got a lot of fun toys and games - thanks everyone.

Opening presents
Aidan and his new bike
We told him his present was in the garage - it took him a little bit to notice it. Not a great picture but the only one I got.

Indiana Jones cake

Blowing out candles

Here is a random picture of Eli being goofy. I was folding laundry and he took a pair of the boys underwear and put it on his head.

So tomorrow is Aidan's official birthday. The boys and I will go to his school to eat lunch with him. He has a few more presents to open and we will probably go out for ice cream for dessert.
It still amazes me that Jared and I have a 6 yr old, a 4 yr old, an almost 2yr old and are about to have our 4th boy and we have only been married 7yrs. Crazy!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So for Halloween this year we did what we do every year. We dressed the kids up (after quickly finishing their costumes 15 min after we were supposed to leave) and took them to the church for the annual 'Trunk or Treat'. Upon arriving to the church here is the conversation from the van:
Aidan (aka Batman): "Mommy I don't think I want to take my Batarangs in to the church, I think I will just leave them in the car."
Me (to Aidan): "What, I just finished making those and that is why we are late,"
Adley (aka Pirate): "Yeah I don't think I want to carry my sword"
Me (to Adley): "What, I just finished spray painting that an hour ago and daddy put it together"
Me ( to Jared): "Why do I even bother?"

Some days I do wonder why I even bother with things like that. I would have been happy to not make those little parts of their costumes. It would have been less stressful for me and maybe we would have arrived on time. Maybe I do it out of fear - fear of the next tantrum, complaint or whine - I actually did put my foot down while I was taping up Aidan's batman batarangs - he actually wanted 3 instead of 2 - why did he care how many I was making if he wasn't going to use them anyway. Well even if they didn't use the parts of the costume that I made the way that I would have wanted them to, I made them because they wanted them, because they smiled when I gave it to them and because I love them, I guess that's why I bother. (I did however convince them (or guilt) them in to taking them inside the church).

We arrived at the church, late for entering the chili contest - bummer! We actually won two years ago, since then though our recipe has been lacking and we are always modifying it to be better.
The kids played, had a few bites of chili and salad and ate way too much candy.
We did the 'trunk or treat'; I must say I do like this way of trick or treating - it is quick and easy and I am not home answering my doorbell half the night or worried about what strangers house my kids are getting candy from.
I can't wait for the bowl to be empty. I am already so tired of being asked 'Can we have a treat?" Plus, all of this candy lingering around is not so good for my pregnant figure.
Here are the pictures:

Batman, Pirate, Frog

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Definitely a Boy!

Lately Eli has been very curious about using the toilet. He watches when the big boys go to the potty during the day and when they are done he will come to me, trying to get his pants/diaper off and point at the bathroom door. Whenever the boys get in to the tub they go potty first. He too has been wanting to use the potty. He will often point and grunt at the toilet. So we sit him on the toilet for a few minutes, he smiles then wants to get off. While in the tub he points, grabs, and is totally intrigued by his boy parts and the other boys parts. Well this morning I guess he didn't want to wait until bath time again. Here is a picture of how I found Eli in his crib this morning.

I opened the door and had found him with his PJ's unzipped, one arm out, one leg out and his diaper undone. He had found his boy parts again. My first thought was 'please, please let it only be a wet diaper,' thankfully it was. I had to take 2 pictures, the first was a little more exposing, so I readjusted his diaper and took the picture above. Gotta love this little boy!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The month of October

So I have not been the best blogger lately. We have been a little busy but not much. The kids are doing well. Aidan is loving school. We went to the schools open house a few weeks ago. Aidan's teacher said that he is doing great. He is already reading on a 1st grade level and is very good at math. However I think the 7hr days, 5 days a week might be getting to him. We were told to expect an occasional melt down here and there while the kids are getting used to school and we had 3 days of them last week, Friday's was horrible. We were driving home from Target and Aidan went crazy, crying over everything and nothing. Jared and I wished that our van was equipped with a privacy glass to drown out the noise. He is doing better this week. It doesn't help that he is probably a little bit sleep deprived thanks to Adley who for the past several months wakes up at 6am on the dot. This morning it was 5am. Ugh! I went in and found him whispering to a sleeping Aidan that it was time to get up and play Legos. He was quickly placed back in his bed and told to go back to sleep. I don't know how we will deal with Day light savings in Nov - turning back the clocks - Adley will be waking up at 5am every morning. I hope he will adjust quickly.
It is getting colder here and the leaves are changing. We went up to the mountains about 2 weeks ago and had breakfast at the Inn there with the kids. We do this every year and the kids love it. The leaves were beautiful, however the thick fog (visibility about 10-15ft) kept us from hiking.
We are about 75% of the way done with fixing up the house before we sell it. We just have to finish our bathroom - tiling, counters, mirrors, walls. We are also waiting on new cabinet doors - we are refinishing the old cabinet frame. We hope to have the house listed by the beginning of November.
Adley is loving preschool. It was a little bit of an adjustment for him and me in the beginning. He wasn't on his best behavior for a few classes in a row and I was really frustrated. Jared had to keep reminding me that we started him in preschool a year earlier than we did Aidan and that they are different kids. We sat him down and told him what is expected of him while he is at preschool and he has been doing great ever since. I had neglected to take a picture of him on his first, second, third . . . days of school. This last week Jared went on a field trip with him to the apple orchards and we finally got a picture of our preschool boy. He looks forward to school everyday - even though he only goes twice a week - I get asked about it every day.
Eli is doing great. I love this age - 18mos - 2yrs. He is so much fun and is always smiling. He is talking alot more now. New words are: please, out, gumball, up, off, ready, kitty, keys and a few more I can't think of right now. He knows the sounds that a dog and cat make too. The other day we were at Jared's parents house. They have a cat - she is the most tolerant cat I have ever seen. The kids can push and pull on her all day and she will just lay there. Eli is terrified of her. If he walks around the corner and sees her there, he kind of screams and runs the other direction. I tried to get him to pet her but he was so stiff and it wasn't worth trying to force him, he will eventually get used to her.
I have been feeling pretty good lately. Minor aches and pains here and there - been having a sweet tooth lately too (milkshakes, donuts). I know its bad, but some days I can't help myself.
Well I have rambled on long enough - you are well updated now though.
Here are some pictures of the kids.

This was during general conference - it lasted all of 5 minutes. We can at least say we tried.

Carving pumpkins

The finished pumpkins!

For a while now Eli has really been wanting to sit at the table with the family. Our old table only had 4 chairs, and we were using our coffee table while waiting for our new table. We finally packed up his high chair and moved him to a booster seat now that our new table has arrived.

Our new table. It opens up to a square shape and has 8 chairs total.

Eli has learned how to slide a chair over to the cabinet where the cookies are kept. Smart boy!

Adley on his field trip - they also got to pick their own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

Adley by a tractor
The boys bathroom redone. We are still trying to find a mirror.