Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Definitely a Boy!

Lately Eli has been very curious about using the toilet. He watches when the big boys go to the potty during the day and when they are done he will come to me, trying to get his pants/diaper off and point at the bathroom door. Whenever the boys get in to the tub they go potty first. He too has been wanting to use the potty. He will often point and grunt at the toilet. So we sit him on the toilet for a few minutes, he smiles then wants to get off. While in the tub he points, grabs, and is totally intrigued by his boy parts and the other boys parts. Well this morning I guess he didn't want to wait until bath time again. Here is a picture of how I found Eli in his crib this morning.

I opened the door and had found him with his PJ's unzipped, one arm out, one leg out and his diaper undone. He had found his boy parts again. My first thought was 'please, please let it only be a wet diaper,' thankfully it was. I had to take 2 pictures, the first was a little more exposing, so I readjusted his diaper and took the picture above. Gotta love this little boy!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The month of October

So I have not been the best blogger lately. We have been a little busy but not much. The kids are doing well. Aidan is loving school. We went to the schools open house a few weeks ago. Aidan's teacher said that he is doing great. He is already reading on a 1st grade level and is very good at math. However I think the 7hr days, 5 days a week might be getting to him. We were told to expect an occasional melt down here and there while the kids are getting used to school and we had 3 days of them last week, Friday's was horrible. We were driving home from Target and Aidan went crazy, crying over everything and nothing. Jared and I wished that our van was equipped with a privacy glass to drown out the noise. He is doing better this week. It doesn't help that he is probably a little bit sleep deprived thanks to Adley who for the past several months wakes up at 6am on the dot. This morning it was 5am. Ugh! I went in and found him whispering to a sleeping Aidan that it was time to get up and play Legos. He was quickly placed back in his bed and told to go back to sleep. I don't know how we will deal with Day light savings in Nov - turning back the clocks - Adley will be waking up at 5am every morning. I hope he will adjust quickly.
It is getting colder here and the leaves are changing. We went up to the mountains about 2 weeks ago and had breakfast at the Inn there with the kids. We do this every year and the kids love it. The leaves were beautiful, however the thick fog (visibility about 10-15ft) kept us from hiking.
We are about 75% of the way done with fixing up the house before we sell it. We just have to finish our bathroom - tiling, counters, mirrors, walls. We are also waiting on new cabinet doors - we are refinishing the old cabinet frame. We hope to have the house listed by the beginning of November.
Adley is loving preschool. It was a little bit of an adjustment for him and me in the beginning. He wasn't on his best behavior for a few classes in a row and I was really frustrated. Jared had to keep reminding me that we started him in preschool a year earlier than we did Aidan and that they are different kids. We sat him down and told him what is expected of him while he is at preschool and he has been doing great ever since. I had neglected to take a picture of him on his first, second, third . . . days of school. This last week Jared went on a field trip with him to the apple orchards and we finally got a picture of our preschool boy. He looks forward to school everyday - even though he only goes twice a week - I get asked about it every day.
Eli is doing great. I love this age - 18mos - 2yrs. He is so much fun and is always smiling. He is talking alot more now. New words are: please, out, gumball, up, off, ready, kitty, keys and a few more I can't think of right now. He knows the sounds that a dog and cat make too. The other day we were at Jared's parents house. They have a cat - she is the most tolerant cat I have ever seen. The kids can push and pull on her all day and she will just lay there. Eli is terrified of her. If he walks around the corner and sees her there, he kind of screams and runs the other direction. I tried to get him to pet her but he was so stiff and it wasn't worth trying to force him, he will eventually get used to her.
I have been feeling pretty good lately. Minor aches and pains here and there - been having a sweet tooth lately too (milkshakes, donuts). I know its bad, but some days I can't help myself.
Well I have rambled on long enough - you are well updated now though.
Here are some pictures of the kids.

This was during general conference - it lasted all of 5 minutes. We can at least say we tried.

Carving pumpkins

The finished pumpkins!

For a while now Eli has really been wanting to sit at the table with the family. Our old table only had 4 chairs, and we were using our coffee table while waiting for our new table. We finally packed up his high chair and moved him to a booster seat now that our new table has arrived.

Our new table. It opens up to a square shape and has 8 chairs total.

Eli has learned how to slide a chair over to the cabinet where the cookies are kept. Smart boy!

Adley on his field trip - they also got to pick their own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

Adley by a tractor
The boys bathroom redone. We are still trying to find a mirror.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My husband the chef!

So lately Jared has been addicted to a show called "Good eats". It is hosted by Alton Brown. He has it set to record all new episodes. Now Jared does not watch much TV at all, but he has really taken to this show. He watches all new episodes and then tells me all about them. I have tried to watch the show a couple of times but I can't stand Alton Brown. I think he is obnoxious. Jared likes his scientific approach to cooking. Jared watched an episode on fish and chips the other day and has been wanting to make it. We finally made it tonight. It was fantastic. We used talapia for the fish. It wasn't a huge hit with the boys and we ended up feeding them something else, but us adults enjoyed it.
I haven't seen Jared so interested in anything this much recently. I keep telling him he needs to go to culinary school. Lately when he has had to make dinner, he has used some of the techniques or seasonings, etc that he has learned on the show. Our dinners are fabulous, he made the best chicken fajitas the other night.
I may have to keep pushing the issue for culinary school, b/c if he enjoys cooking so much I may never have to step in the kitchen again - I guess except to do dishes - not sure which is worse - cooking or clean up?