Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a . . .

BOY!!!! Yes we will be adding another boy to our family. We were a little surprised that again it is another boy, but we are still excited. I have to say I did shed a tear or two over it not being a girl (this is most likely our last baby) but I am grateful that we have been able to have children and 4 for that matter. Now we will start to think of names . . . any ideas???
For those who have girls - since I will now forever be surrounded by boys - please remember I will gladly borrow your daughters from time to time. :-)
Also I have finally had to give up wearing my real clothes and have moved on to maternity clothes - at least they have gotten cuter over the years!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yesterday we took the boys to Dollywood. We have already been a couple of times this summer and since we had such a good time we decided to go for the day. Aidan has been in school for 3 weeks already and Adley in preschool for 2 weeks. We thought the boys deserved a little trip. The weather was great - although a little warm - but Dollywood has plenty of rides that you get wet on so that helped a lot. We discovered this time around that there are rides that Eli is big enough to ride on - so he enjoyed not having to sit in the stroller most of the day. Here are some pictures:

Adley & Jared on mini roller coaster
Me & Eli on the bee ride - not the easiest thing for an adult to get in and out of - I thought they might need to cut the bee to free me!
The Little Pig Ride
Carousel - round and round they go - I got dizzy just watchingEli laughing at the kids at the Dreamland Forest - a water play place for the kids
Wet little birdies
Lumberjack Lift
Jared was quite tired after pulling with Adley and then having to pull with Aidan, the little boys weren't much help.

An update on the baby: I go for my ultrasound next Monday (22nd), hopefully they will be able to tell us what we are having. Although I did peek at work with our US machine - I am pretty sure what we are having but we will let you all know for sure next week.

Eli's new words: Hi, Yes, Nose, Eye, Snack (he always runs into the kitchen and yells 'nack, nack' and he gets louder until he gets something to eat).
Eli can now point to and identify his nose, mouth, tongue and eye.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Waterbirth TV Interview

Recently the hospital that I work at has been trying to make the public aware that we do waterbirths. Since I have had 2 waterbirths - one with Adley and one with Eli - they asked if I would participate in the interview. So last week Eli and I went in for the interview with the local TV news people. It aired last night on our 5 o'clock news.
I found it funny that they had me listed as a 'new mom'. Eli is 18mos old, and do the other 2 children not count? Eli was a trooper and just played with a box of crayons the whole time. I was bummed that my pictures didn't make it in the clip, but they just got sent back to my email today saying they couldn't be emailed to the address b/c they were too big. Oh well! I chose waterbirths after my difficult delivery with Aidan. I had pushed for nearly 3 hours and then they had to use the vacuum to get him out. He ended up a with a cephalahematoma from the vacuum, which stayed around for about 3 months. He still has a more pronounced bump on that side of his head. So that is why I decided to have waterbirths. Although it does hurt - Adley and Eli both delivered with only 20 minutes of pushing and no complications. Plans for #4 - waterbirth too!