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Happy Birthday to my Boys!

Eli at the hospital

Yesterday Eli celebrated his 3rd birthday! We had a great day despite Eli being sick - he has been sick for about a week now. We picked up Adley from preschool and let Eli pick where he wanted to eat lunch, of course he chose "MixDonald's". So we went there (not my favorite, but hey it was his birthday!) Then we went home so I could finish Eli's cake. I had intended on making two small cakes a monkey and a banana cake with some cupcakes and cookies, but Eli insisted on a car cake. So I gave in.....I found a really cute car cake on the internet and decided that I would try to make a cake using fondant for the first time. The fondant wasn't the hard part of this cake, and the structure wasn't either, it was the poor recipe I used. The cake looked great, however it didn't taste so great.

Opening presents

I love my Eli!!! He is so much fun to have in our house. He makes me laugh all the time and can usually weasel his way out of any…

Finally, he's figured it out!

Liam has learned to use a sippy cup. I have tried and tried over the last several months for this boy to use something other than a bottle. I tried a few different sippy cups but he would only ever chew on them, then at dinner tonight he figured it out!!!! Next on my list - teach him to say 'mama' (also been trying this one for the last few months) or any words for that matter!

Master Shelton

Yesterday while I was at work Aidan was talking with Jared about school - elementary, middle and high school and then college. They talked about how you can earn a couple of different degrees in college - bachelors, masters and a doctorate. Jared asked Aidan if he would like to earn his doctorate and be called Dr. Shelton. Aidan thought about it for a minute and said "no dad, I want to be Master Shelton". Guess Aidan will be getting his masters, because he actually thinks that will give him the title of MASTER! Funny kid!

More snow!

Yes, you read my title correctly...more snow! I am getting really really tired of the snow. We got another 5 inches on Friday which then ruined our plans for Saturday because we couldn't get out of our house until Saturday evening. Spending the weekend couped up in the house again was not on my list of fun things to do. Our house is feeling smaller and smaller everyday. The snow has mostly melted on the roads but we still have snow in our yard. I really really want it to be spring!!! I would love it to be in the 60s, to see the flowers starting to bloom, to see the leaves returning to the trees. It is so much prettier than looking at the cold, icy snow day after day. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind a good snow storm, just one that doesn't repeat itself over and over and over again all winter long!
Eli has been begging us to build him a snowman each time it snows but by the time we would get outside the snow was frozen. So as the snow was falling on Friday …

Camera bag contest

I'm posting about a giveaway on MckMama's blog. It is for a super cute camera bag that I would love win. You can enter too. Go here.

Jonah's EB auction

For a while now I have had a button on my sidebar for little Jonah. Jonah suffers from a skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB. His mom Patrice and a friend of hers is having an auction to raise money for EB the 5 days before Jonah's 1st birthday. Jonah turns 1 on February 27th. This is a HUGE accomplishment for Jonah as many EB babies do not live to see their first birthday! Way to go Jonah! Please stop by the auction February 23rd through February 27th. All donations will go to Here is the link for auction. You can also link to it from the auction button my sidebar as well. Please spread the word to raise money and help us find a cure for EB!

Tired boy!

Last week for some crazy reason my kids kept getting up at 5:30am. Well it was really the two big boys but they happen to share a bedroom with Eli too. The big boys are not the quietest in the morning - using the bathroom, getting clothes, etc. So inevitably Eli was woken up as well. After several days of this Eli was getting to be one tired little guy. He had a meltdown at about 4pm in the kitchen and this is what we ended up with...

Eli asleep on the floor as we were making dinner

He slept like this for a good 30 minutes and was a MONSTER when we had to get him up.

The big boys have since started getting up a little later, not because they wanted to but after several days of not being allowed on the computer due to their early mornings they decided to change their ways!