Friday, July 31, 2009

Not a good week!

We have had quite the week. Last week on Wed Adley was running out of the bathroom and hit his head on the corner of the half wall of the stairs. It split it open and boy did he bleed a lot. We decided that we would shave that part of his head and butterfly it. It probably could have used staples but Adley didn't want to go to the hospital and get staples and I didn't really want to spend the $. So we figured his hair would grow back.

Before shaving and butterfly
**It has since healed nicely and you can't even tell that we shaved any part of his head.**

Little did we know that we would end up at the hospital eventually - with a broken arm. We went to a Bounce place with a friend of mine from work and her kids. When Adley was at the top of the slide he jumped before he went and he landed on his bottom but then bounced again and toppled forward and landed on his right arm. He caught quite a bit of air and I would guess he feel from about 6ft up. He landed on the inflatable, and let out a big "Owwww". We got him off quickly and took a look at this arm. It was pretty obvious and it didn't match his left arm so we headed to the hospital. Jared took Aidan and Eli to eat and my friend from work kept Liam while we were in the ER. He broke his right humerus (upper bone) on the bottom near his elbow. I got to see the results of the xray - the bulbus part of the bone is what broke off.
We met with the surgeon and it was considered emergent enough to take him to the OR right away.
Waiting in the ER

So swollen - the doctor said it is all blood -that the bone was bleeding - that is why he had to go to surgery right away. He was bummed that I had to cut off his shirt. Jared and Uncle Ehren gave him a blessing and he was off to the OR.

Waiting in pre-op holding. I was lucky enough to go all the way back to the OR until he was put to sleep and then they started his IV.

After surgery - Adley and daddy putting together his new lego set.
The doctor said the surgery went perfect. It was a closed reduction with pinning. (2 pins). He is currently in an ACE splint and will be cast next week. The doctor said that kids heal pretty easily and it will be about 3-6 wks. They can remove the pins in the office.
We went home a few hours after surgery.

Adley has done such an amazing job. He didn't even cry once while we were at the hospital. He has kept a brave face the whole time. He has done well since coming home and he slept pretty good after we got him positioned. We will have to feed him, cloth him and take him to the bathroom since he can't use that arm at all.
As many of you know Jared, Liam and I were supposed to go to Utah next week for my brothers wedding. We aren't sure what we will be doing now.

On to a happier note: Liam started eating rice cereal and he loves it!!!

This is what happens b/c Eli has quit taking naps b/c I can't keep him in his room anymore.
Swimming last week

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

8 kids

As many of you know in August, Jared, Liam and I will be going to Utah for my older brothers wedding. We can't afford to bring the whole family so we asked Jared's sister - MommyJ to watch our kids - she has agreed. We will be gone for 4 nights and MommyJ is able to watch the kids for 3 of those nights (grandma is taking the 4th night). We are so grateful for her willingness to take on our kids. As much as I don't want to leave my kids, I am looking forward to our mini vacation without the kids (except Liam, but he is easy and has to come a long, otherwise he would starve). So I thought that since MommyJ was so willing to watch our kids I would do the same. Last weekend we watched her 4 kids for 2 nights - a grand total of 8 kids in the house. We had a great time.
They played sidewalk chalk and ran in the sprinklers. They watched movies, played the playstation/computer and ate popcorn. We used many, many paper plates and drank capri-suns. We ordered pizza and went to the river. There was the occassional disagreement or complaint of boredom, but overall I think it went great.
Jared and I were talking about how on a day to day basis we get worn down and tired and it seems like taking care of 4 kids is a lot. Well let me tell you that to cure that feeling, borrow a couple more kids for a few days. Now I am not complaining AT ALL about watching MommyJ's kids - her kids were great and easy to watch and I would love to do it again anytime. I am just saying that when you realize the effort it takes to dress, brush teeth, make breakfast, lunch and dinner, bath and put to bed 8 kids - 4 doesn't seem so hard anymore. It made me realize that I can DO IT with 4 better than I thought b/c hey I handled 8 - even though it was only for a short period of time!

Playing in the sprinklers
More sprinklers - Henry & Liam were both sleeping

Playing in the river
Eli & Henry - buddies!
All of the kids (minus Liam)
Lucy & Adley
(isn't she the prettiest little girl - it sure was a treat to have another girl in the house)

Thanks MommyJ for sharing your kiddos with us for a few days - I hope my kids will be as good as yours were.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Liam update

I took Liam for his official 4.5 mo checkup. He now weighs 16lbs 6oz.; 27 in long and has a 17 in head. He spit up 4 times while at the Peds office and it actually hit the doctor once. These weren't small spit ups either - more like splashes. I told the doctor that he spits up but nothing like that - and that if he really was doing this all the time he would have heard from me along time ago.
Liam is doing wonderful and loves to make lots of noises. He goes to bed easily and he has a favorite blanket that he snuggles up to at night (thanks Ehren & Jessie). He rolls over and is starting to want to sit more. He can sit in his Bumbo chair now. The other day he was sitting next to me on the couch and fell asleep.

Liam all scrunched up sleeping

Another view

In other news - Good news: Eli peed on the potty yesterday for the first time. Bad news: Eli can now climb over his gate and out of his pack n play - nap time may be non existent from here on out.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Eli & mommy

A couple of days ago Eli came to me with his hat on and one for me. I decided to take a picture. It's pretty rare to get me in a photo with one of the kids b/c I am usually the one taking the picture. So I handed the camera to Jared and asked him to take the picture. It will be nice to see that I did actually exist while my kids were growing up (and not just behind the scenes).

I love my ELI!!!!

Camping & the 4th

Every year we go on a mini vacation with Jared's family. The last 2 yrs we spent in Pigeon Forge, TN in a cabin. This year we did something different. We went camping!!! I had my doubts at first but it turned out to be a really fun trip. We had 21 people total - 11 of which were children. I haven't been camping since college and obviously never with a baby. Surprisingly Liam did really well and didn't even get one mosquito bite. We were only going to stay one night, but ended up staying both nights b/c we were having such a good time. We spent time sitting around the campfire, playing in the river, and enjoyed the barely 80 degree weather. On the 4th we drove about 35 min to see some fireworks. Aidan hated the loud noise of the fireworks and ended up watching them from inside the van with his ears covered. Everyone else enjoyed them!

'Helping' daddy set up the tent
The river we played in - isn't it beautiful
Eli and daddy sitting by the fire. This was Eli's first time camping!!! I have been too nervous to let him go on the father/son campout. Maybe next year.
Our campsite
Henry & Eli - putting rocks on the running board of the truck
Eggs for breakfast
The kids playing baseball

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Macaroni Mess

Eli loves macaroni!!!! This day he decided he wanted to play with it too. He dumped out the whole box in the rug. At first I was mad, but then I thought about how this would entertain him. So I let him play with it and it entertained him for a good two hours. He transferred the macaroni from one container to the next and carried them from room to room. He did make a big mess, but not anything the vacuum and a little sweeping couldn't take care of. Totally worth it!