Monday, May 19, 2008

Eli loves the camera!

This morning Eli was running around with my water bottle. The lid was on and he kept trying to drink from it. Everytime I tried to get a picture of him he would take the bottle out of his mouth and smile really big at the camera. Here are a few shots!

Finally I got a picture of him trying to shove the whole bottle in his mouth!

Aidan's Preschool Graduation

Last Friday Aidan had preschool graduation!!! We were a little worried at first that Aidan wouldn't participate. It all depends on his mood for the day, for example the preschool christmas program that he decided he didn't want to be in, so he sat with us instead. Anyway, the morning started out awful - Aidan crying for at least an hour saying he didn't want go. We finally calmed him down and with the help of a little bribe (Lego set) he agreed to be in the program. He did such a great job - here are a couple of pictures.

Walking down the aisle

Aidan with his grandma and Uncle Ehren
The Graduate
Miss Linda, Aidan and Miss Wilma (his teachers)

Singing 'Happy Trails' for their final song

Here is a video of the kids singing and dancing, sorry it gets shaky in the middle, I had to pass the camera off to Jared. Aidan is right in the middle.

I can't believe he starts kindergarten in a couple of months!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Sometimes, well a lot of the time I wonder what is going on in my childrens heads, especially when I leave the kitchen for 3 minutes during dinner and come back to find this . . .

I guess maybe they thought the dinosaurs were hungry.

Two mischievous little boys!!!

On a side note, Eli had his 12 month check up today. He is actually almost 15mos but since the flu was so bad in Feb we decided to wait for it to die down. Eli now weighs in at 24lbs 8oz, he is 30.5 inches tall (2 feet, 6.5 in), and his head is 19 1/8 in. He got 3 shots today and had to be poked in his finger to check his hemoglobin. He did not like it one bit and sure let the nurse know. Since then he has cheered up, here he is after dinner, still with his Clifford sticker on from the doctor.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Flat Irons

So as many of you know my hair used to be totally straight - it wouldn't even hold a curl from a curling iron for more than an hour or two. I would wake up in the morning shower and head off to school - my hair was VERY straight. Since having children and all of the hormones that go along with it my hair has gone curly. These days if I don't do anything to my hair it is a frizzy mess. So some days I use a product called 'Curls Rock' by Tigi to help enhance the curls and some days I just want it straight. I have been in search for the best flat iron for a long time. I didn't want to have to spend $120 to get a salon quality flat iron. I finally found the best flat iron - my hair is as straight as if I have just left the hair salon. It is the Wet 2 Straight flat iron by Remington. It sells for about $23 at Walmart or Target. Such a great deal. It comes in either a 1 in or a 2 in. I prefer the 2 inch. Now I never use this iron when my hair is completely wet - I tried it once and the steam was too intense for my scalp. So I dry my hair until it is almost dry and use the flat iron. So if you are in the market for a new flat iron, I highly recommend this one!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Aidan and a tick!!!!

This afternoon I took the boys with me Visiting Teaching, when we were done we came home ate left overs, I gave the boys a bath (Jared was at a Real Estate class in Asheville) and while I was brushing Aidan's teeth I noticed this big spot on his forehead near his hair line. It was a TICK!!!!! Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! Having grown up in Arizona I never really came across very many ticks but here I guess they are around more. So just to let everyone know I hate all little buggy creatures - spiders, ants, bees, and especially ticks. I had heard a little about ticks and that there is a certain way that you are supposed to take them off, etc. I calmly (not really) tell Aidan not to move and that he has a tick on his head. I grab the phone and call Jared, no answer, I call Jared again, still no answer. I am thinking to myself - doesn't he have his phone on vibrate - what if there was a real emergency (although I actually was thinking this was an emergency b/c otherwise I wouldn't be calling him during class). After the third attempt and no answer I call my father-in-law. He explains to me how to get the tick out, I use the tweezers and successfully remove the tick. Now lucky for us the tick was still flat - he probably wasn't even on Aidan that long, and it wasn't difficult to remove. I cleaned Aidan's head where the tick was with alcohol. After I removed the tick and got it to come off the tweezers I could not kill the little critter. I guess when you are already flat there is not much to squish to kill you. I called my Pediatrician and asked him if I needed to save the tick just in case Aidan got sick. He said to put it in a ziploc bag and bring it to work with me tomorrow - one of them will be rounding in the morning. The tick is now laying on my counter in a bag and is now finally dead! Yeah!!! I did some research on the internet to see if I could identify the tick, I think it is a dog tick.
Before putting the kids to bed I did another final inspection of them. Now as I sit typing this I have been getting the goose bumps and creepy crawly feelings for the last two hours. I HATE BUGS, INSECTS, and TICKS!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not sure I am willing to do this again!!!

Today I was scheduled to go and see my dentist for my regular cleaning. Usually Jared and I coordinate our appointments on the same day one right after the other. This way one of us can stay in the car with the kids and it is only one trip to Brevard (this is where our dentist is and it is about a 25min drive). Anyway today it was different - for some reason our appts ended up being separated by a couple of days. So I had Jared take Aidan to school and I was going to attempt taking the little boys with me to the dentist. So we get there - just a little bit late - and before we go back to the room I ask Adley if he needs to go potty - of course he tells me no - and I ask him again - are you sure - he says he is fine. We get situated in the room. Eli is in his stroller in the corner and Adley is sitting on the floor next to him. I ask Adley if he will feed Eli his cereal puffs for fear that if I gave them to Eli he would spill them everywhere. Adley agrees. So I am about to sit in the chair when Adley kicks over the puffs container and half the puffs are on the floor. I clean them up and lay a paper towel under the container so that if he spills again he can still feed them to Eli since the floor is covered. The hygienist is not even 30 seconds in to my cleaning when Yep you guessed it Adley tells me he needs to go potty. We stop the cleaning - I take Adley to the bathroom, get him situated again and proceed with the cleaning. Maybe 10 minutes later and about 2 minutes before my cleaning is finished Adley tells me he needs to poop. I tell him that I am almost finished and that he will have to wait. When I am done I make yet another trip to the bathroom with him(and actually he never did poop- argh!!). Eli up to this point has been a wonderful child - eating his puffs, playing with my keys, etc. We come back to the room and wait for Dr. Bailey to come and examine my teeth. Dr. Bailey is a friend of Jared's family and has been Jared's dentist for a long time, this is why we go to Brevard to see him. So he comes in looks at my teeth and then Adley proceeds to tell him, 'You are going to die, you have gray hair; but she isn't (pointing to the hygienist) going to die b/c she doesn't have gray hair.' I am totally embarrassed at this point and apologize. I have no idea where this came from as he has never shared his knowledge or assumption of this with me ever.
So the conclusion I have made for the day is that - going to the dentist is a good thing - going to the dentist and bringing your kids along - CRAZY!!!!
**On a side note Adley told me the other day that I was getting gray hair (really I might have one or two). Now that I have had my interesting trip to the dentist and discovered what he thinks about people with gray hair - does he think I am going to die.
Little kids say and think the weirdest things!!!!!