Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mickey Mouse

Mickey is a very loved mouse in our house. Liam absolutely can't get enough of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney. When he wakes up in the morning he comes straight to my room, snuggles in between Jared and I and turns on the tv for his cartoon. He sits there with his arms behind his head and legs outstretched. He is so darn cute.

So the other day I decided to buy him a stuffed Mickey. He was so surprised and loved it.

Checking him out. Mickey now has his own corner in Liam's crib. He likes his 'pets' in specific places.

Also, guess who is potty training????

The only kiddo I have left in diapers - woot woot!!! He has started this all on his own and so I'm optimistically hoping for December to be down to pull ups at night. Liam won't speak to tell us he has to go he just pats himself and points to the bathroom - whatever works right!

And here is our very first tomato from our tiny 1 plant garden.......
We have a few more and hope they will ripen soon. We planted a little late so we will have to wait and see what we get. Eli is very proud as you can see of what 'his' tomato plant produced. Way to go Eli!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Liam's first time on River Rampage - he got drenched but loved every minute of it! Doesn't he look so small!

We wanted to do one last fun summer trip for the boys before school starts this Thursday. We took a day trip to Dollywood. We got there a little after the park opened and it was not very crowded at all. We walked on almost every ride and if we had to wait it wasn't longer than a few minutes. Last time we were there in May Adley was just shy of being able to ride all the big rides. We learned about a place where they will measure you and give you an armband that has the appropriate color that corresponds with your height category. This way you are measured once and simply just have to show your armband to get on the ride. Adley was thrilled that he was tall enough this time to ride any ride in the park. Eli and Liam also got moved up to the next category. Thank goodness for Eli because this kid has been dying to ride more rides. He and Adley are not afraid of anything.
Adley ended up riding all the big rides with either Jared or myself. It was nice to have a buddy to ride the big rides with while one of us stayed with the other kids. Aidan isn't one to ride anything that might be the littlest bit scary. Hopefully in time he will learn they are a lot of fun. So Adley tackled Tennessee Tornado (3 loops), Mystery Mine (vertical lift and drop & corkscrew), Thunderhead (this roller coaster is hard for me to ride) and Barnstormer (he did twice, once with me, once with Jared - this ride is a kind of swing ride that you go 81 ft in the air - insane really!) He's a real trooper. Here are the little guys getting wet while we waited for Jared & Adley.

Eli rode 2 new rides for him and got to go on Adventure Mountain for the first time. This is a ropes course. He is usually stuck waiting on the big boys playing on the 'baby' ropes course as he calls it. Well Jared took the boys up and then 5 min later he brought Eli down hysterically crying because they wouldn't let him on it. What? he had an orange bracelet, he was measured, why won't they let him on....turns out they measured him again at their station for some crazy reason and he was barely too short. This of course made me very mad. What was the point of the dang bracelet and Eli had been looking forward to this ALL day! I asked to speak to whoever was in charge. They apologized and said they had to abide by the safety regulations. I said 'don't tell me sorry, tell my 4yr sorry. He's been looking forward to this all day, he has a bracelet!' Eli of course didn't understand and frankly I didn't either. So I told them all the other new rides he had been on. We even walked back down to one with one of the ropes guides and measured him there, sure enough he was tall enough. We went back to Adventure Mountain and they agreed to let him on - FINALLY!!!! They did have someone come and inspect their measuring station. It was accurate, however the ground that it was on sloped down, just enough that it affected Eli's height. They did also inspect the other ride and the official measuring station for accuracy. All in all Eli was happy and that was what mattered to me. I knew he was tall enough and would be safe to go on it. He loved every minute and felt like such a big boy! Aidan really surprised me and took harder obstacles than he ever has before and Adley even tried a few new ones.
Eli with Jared on the balance beam

Aidan on ropes and Adley a net. Plus the water shoots up from under them. They both got soaked.

Another water play station
I think Liam would stay here all day if I let him, picking up the discs, going to the top and watching them float down.

All in all a very fun day!!! Meet the teacher is today and school starts tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We have been landscaping our house a lot lately. It doesn't look like a lot but my body will tell you differently. It definitely FEELS like a lot. We have spent many evenings working in the yard as a family and although hard, has been a lot of fun to work together. Our first project was outlining the beds and then putting down landscape cloth.
We also got a load of gravel to put next to the concrete pad by Jared's workshop and some river rock for near the garage side door.

Eli waiting on the gravel
Next up we had to redirect the water coming off the embankment in the back. We dug a trench added a french drain and tied that back into the gutter drains. It seems to be working. Thank goodness!
Then we got a load of big river rock that we placed to the right of the house where the water naturally flows during a rainstorm. It looks great.

The boys put their many dump trucks to work hauling loads of rock.

We took a break yesterday and went to Dollywood. It was a great day! No crowds, good weather and best of all Adley, Eli and Liam all got moved up to the next category of rides because they were tall enough this time. Adley can now ride anything in the park. More on that later.

Yesterday we got a load of mulch and today we moved it to all the beds and used some of the leftover river rock we had as well. The boys again helped out a lot. Eli is by far my hardest worker. He is always outside with us ready to work. Liam tags along if he's not napping. The big boys are starting to come out more, I think because they know it scores them brownie points for later. Whatever works right?!
They got very dirty today with the mulch. I think it will take a few baths for Eli to be completely clean. His feet were terrible.
Our helpers!
Finally done today!

The back
Next month we will plant our shrubs and trees and over seed the grass. Hopefully by spring next year our yard will be finished!