Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We have been landscaping our house a lot lately. It doesn't look like a lot but my body will tell you differently. It definitely FEELS like a lot. We have spent many evenings working in the yard as a family and although hard, has been a lot of fun to work together. Our first project was outlining the beds and then putting down landscape cloth.
We also got a load of gravel to put next to the concrete pad by Jared's workshop and some river rock for near the garage side door.

Eli waiting on the gravel
Next up we had to redirect the water coming off the embankment in the back. We dug a trench added a french drain and tied that back into the gutter drains. It seems to be working. Thank goodness!
Then we got a load of big river rock that we placed to the right of the house where the water naturally flows during a rainstorm. It looks great.

The boys put their many dump trucks to work hauling loads of rock.

We took a break yesterday and went to Dollywood. It was a great day! No crowds, good weather and best of all Adley, Eli and Liam all got moved up to the next category of rides because they were tall enough this time. Adley can now ride anything in the park. More on that later.

Yesterday we got a load of mulch and today we moved it to all the beds and used some of the leftover river rock we had as well. The boys again helped out a lot. Eli is by far my hardest worker. He is always outside with us ready to work. Liam tags along if he's not napping. The big boys are starting to come out more, I think because they know it scores them brownie points for later. Whatever works right?!
They got very dirty today with the mulch. I think it will take a few baths for Eli to be completely clean. His feet were terrible.
Our helpers!
Finally done today!

The back
Next month we will plant our shrubs and trees and over seed the grass. Hopefully by spring next year our yard will be finished!


Andrea and Blake said...

looks SO awesome, I'm glad I wasn't helping :) just kidding but I can see why you're in a lot of pain! great job guys