$3 isn't a significant amount of money...it might cover a drink and a candy bar at a convenience store...or lunch money for Aidan...or a visit from the tooth fairy...really it's not that much, EXCEPT when you figure out that a restaurant you visited stole it from you. Recently I went and got take out from a local mexican restaurant and the bill was $17 dollars and some change. I paid with my debit card and went on my way. I balanced my checkbook, logged my transaction and noted that it was pending on my account and threw away my receipt. As I was again balancing my checkbook a few nights ago I noticed that once the transaction was no longer pending it was $3 greater in the deduction. I called the restaurant and they pulled my ticket and reported that it had a $3 tip written on it. Now I certainly leave a tip for when I sit down in a restaurant but NEVER when I get take out. I knew that I didn't write it. They asked me to come to the restaurant today and look at the ticket. I did...and it was definitely not my handwriting...it had a 3 with a dash next to it..I never do that. So they apologized and gave me back my $3 and I went on my way. I really wanted to say more but didn't. I am hoping this will prompt a meeting with their staff and that it won't happen again. I almost always write a '0' on the tip line when I am not giving one and failed to this time and someone took advantage of that. I am sure I am not the only one this has happened too, but I am also sure that many will not catch the difference in their checking account and the thief will continue to steal. I am mad, but I will give them another chance and I will definitely be more careful next time......geez we shouldn't have to worry about stuff like this, if only people were honest!


Tiffany said…
the nerve of the person who wrote that $3 tip! the same thing happened to me, except it wasn't in the tips. they just over charged me and i didn't know it until i got my c.c. statement. I called and they apologized AND mailed me a gift certificate for my next visit. that was nice. that's good customer service.

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