Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Last Friday Adley graduated from preschool. He will be heading off to kindergarten in the fall and I am so excited for him and me (only 2 kiddos at home). His school had a great program where each class sang 2 songs and then they presented the diplomas.


Getting ready
Presentation of diploma with Miss Wilma

The Graduate
The Family - minus Aidan who was at school

The school had a picnic at a local park which we went to afterward and the kids had a blast. Adley is really excited to be going to the big kids school, but says he will miss his preschool teachers sooooooo much. Eli will be starting at this same preschool next fall. Yipee!!!!!

And as promised a short video if Liam walking - I had to hide around the corner so he wouldn't see me trying to film him.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I love this boy....

messy face and all!

Eli is so much fun to have around the house. He is quite challenging at times - for example - he is still not potty trained....we have to lock up every place that has food or he will eat everything we have in about 10 minutes - all silently! But he is such a joy to have in the house and he always has a smile on his face....here are a few things that Eli has said or done lately.

At our house if we have to open something for the boys we take a 'tax' (small piece or bite) for opening it. Recently we were at church and Eli asked me to open his fruit snacks, I did and handed them back to him, he responded 'You need take tax mommy'

When we were driving to TN last month Eli wanted a snack. Here is our conversation:
Me: What do you say?
Eli: Thank you
Me: No, what do you say?
Eli: Your welcome
Me: No, what do you say?
Eli: I don't know, which one is it?
Me: Please
Eli: oh, please can I have a snack

Eli loves to watch when Jared or I drive away in the mornings or return at night. He says "me watch urs car leave?" Jared usually calls from down the street so we can have Eli open the garage door and watch him pull the car in the garage.

Eli sleeps with a ton of stuffed animals - His 'tar' (Star), Elmobebe (Elmo & Bebe button bear - they are one to him), a big bear, a big fish and usually abut 3 books, his tiny bottle of lotion (which is a sample I got when I had Liam) and sometimes a water bottle and sometimes cars too. I know A LOT of things - but he insists. He is always carrying things around with him during the day too. Ever since I started my diet and have been drinking tons of water that is all Eli wants to drink too - which is good but he carries a water bottle everywhere and tries to fill it up by himself or wash the walls....you get the idea.

Eli is starting to sing a long to songs. We were listening to a mix CD that Jared made in the van. It has songs like Carry On my Wayward Son (Kansas), Final Countdown (Europe), and We Built this City (Starship). The big boys love it and so does Eli. We caught him singing this "on rock and roll...on rock and roll...on rock and roll" Jared asked him 'what on rock and roll?' He replied singing "We built this city on rock and roll".

He also yelled at us one day from the back about a song he didn't like. "Turn it off, turn it off, I hate this song". Apparently we didn't change it fast enough because it was followed by "Me hate this song - turn it off!"

And to top it all off - Eli learned how to open a soda can yesterday, apparently silently as well....Jared left the fridge unlocked and found him in the kitchen drinking his very own Dr. Pepper! Gotta love that smile because that is what he gives you when he knows he is in trouble!

***Liam has finally learned to walk - video to come!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Girls Night

Last night was the Father/Son campout with church. I get off easy since I have all boys, although Liam did stay behind - he's just a little too small for my comfort to go camping with all the big boys without the supervision of his mommy too. I had to work yesterday and couldn't find a sitter for Liam. Jared wanted to leave around 2 or 3pm to get up there and get settled and let the boys play. I ended up having to find coverage for the last half of my shift which is sometimes a pain to do, but I got lucky. I came home got the boys packed and off to camping and it was just Liam and me. We met up with a friend from work. My friend and I are both trying to lose some of our baby weight and had started a new diet. I am down 9lbs now with only 6 more to go. So Liam and Eli's baby weights are gone...just two more babies to go. It will be nice to get back to the weight I was when I got married. We decided with our weight loss it was time to go shopping. A new swimsuit was our goal. Sadly I have not purchased a new swimsuit in 4 years...I haven't been too interested in getting the post baby body in a swimsuit period, but now I'm feeling better about it.
We shopped for 4.5 hrs. It was great!!! We each found 2 swimsuits and 1 for her little girl. It was a great night and Liam as always was a great sport. He hardly fussed at all - only when he was hungry.
Liam slept til after 8 this morning and now are headed out again to finish up some more shopping. Man having only 1 kid to take around is really really easy!