Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day was over a month ago, but here's what we were up to:

I ran in another race, this time the Apple Festival 8K. My time was 49:33. I was happy to be under the 50min mark. It was the hardest race I've done thus far. It had quite a few hills and was rather cold and windy that morning. Next up - a 5K race on the 30th to support EB kids (see my side bar).
A picture that was taken at the finish line

Then after the race we headed up to Big Creek on the NC/Tenn border to go camping with Jared's family. We had a great time. We took some adventurous day trips up windy dirt roads but it was worth it for what we saw:

Elk have been reintroduced into the wild in this area - they first started out with 17 I think and are now over 50.
Max's Patch - what a beautiful view. I will be happy to take any that want to visit me up to this place for a picnic.
The cousins
Eli & mommy taking in the sun and fresh air

Hiking down
Arts & crafts - thanks to Aunt Emily & Jenny the kids were very entertained while camping!
Adley's creation
Aidan's spikey apple
Playing in the river


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