Monday, December 29, 2008

It's been a while . . .

since I last posted. We have been so busy this month. Adley had his Christmas program at his preschool - they studied Italy and dressed so cute. They sang the song, "when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore . . ." (not sure of the exact title). Adley has sung it several times since to many people. I think he might be musical when he gets older.
We all recovered from our sickness and made the journey to Arizona to see my family. We spent 12 days there and had a wonderful time. Surprisingly it was warmer here at home while we were gone then it was in Arizona. We got to go to the Lego store, which the boys loved. We played at a really fun park, visited with friends, made a gingerbread house and sugar cookies, ate at our favorite places, went to the movies, enjoyed a visit from Santa at the house and tried to get in some rest. We had family pictures taken for the first time in 5 years since my brothers were gone on their missions. We finally got to see Uncle Greg. He has been home from his mission since last December, but we hadn't seen him yet. We got to visit with him the day before we left and Eli got to meet him for the first time. Football keeps him busy and they will be going to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl this week.
My dad does candy vending and thus has various kinds of candy throughout the house. My kids are now candy junkies. For the first couple of days we let them each have a quarter to use in the machines if they finished their dinner, by the 4th night I had had enough. They were going to eat their dinner b/c that is what they were supposed to, not b/c they were rewarded for it. So we put a stop to it.
I again got sick a couple of days before we left. This time with a horrible cough and congestion. I have coughed so hard at times I have worried my water might break. This little guy inside of me sure has gone for a ride though with my coughing spells. My stomach muscles are so sore now. Good thing he is cushioned with the fluid. I think I am on the mend now, finally.
We had a good return trip home on Christmas Eve, our travel was flawless - which is pretty rare. Our flights left on time, the kids were good and our luggage made it home. We ate our Christmas Eve dinner at Sonic (the only place we could find open) and arrived home at about 10pm. We had to buy milk at the gas station for $5.60 since that too was the only place open. We bathed the kids, made cookies for Santa (the pre-made squares you can buy), wrote Santa his note and put the kids to bed. We were exhausted.
Christmas morning we actually had to wake the kids up at 9am - they were still on AZ time. We enjoyed opening presents together. Jared's parents and his brother and his wife came over for breakfast. We had yummy Belgian waffles in our new waffle maker from my parents and then I got the dreaded phone call to come in to work early. I was scheduled to be on-call in the morning and go in at 1pm, but I ended being called in early around noon, not too bad. We had 3 babies born on Christmas.
So for the past few days the kids have been enjoying their new toys - mainly Legos - they each got 3 big sets, I feel like my house has been taken over by Legos. We are trying to return to our normal schedules and clean the house up from Christmas.
I am lucky that I have the opportunity at the end of this week to go to New Orleans with my family for the Sugar Bowl. Jared will be staying behind with the kids - isn't he wonderful!!!
Here are pictures from the month:

Adley in his outfit from preschool

A visit to Peter Piper Pizza so the kids could eat and play
Eli & Kensi
Gingerbread house made with GrandpaAshlyn & Aidan at the park

This is the park we went to - it was huge and had a farm section, a city section and a critter section
Eli with Santa - he wasn't so sure about Santa
Adley & Santa
Aidan & Santa

Santa and the grandkids with their stuffed animal from Santa (at least the ones that weren't afraid of him)
Uncle Greg and the boys (my mom made the Utah pants). Eli is grouchy as it is well past his bedtime
Super hero Adley
When flying home both boys happened to be wearing shirts with a plane and a cockpit on them. The pilot thought this was great. He got out of his seat and let the boys get in.
Christmas Eve
Christmas morning
Aidan and one of his Lego sets
AdleyEli got his very first lego set this year. It was a small car. Eli loves playing with legos and often times his big brothers get mad at him for playing with theirs - so it was time to get him his own. He opened the box, shook it, ran to Jared and handed it to him (to build it) and then clapped his hands and said "mine, mine". He was so excited!!!

Well I think if you have endured this post up until now you deserve a pat on the back.
Merrry Christmas everyone!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Our House

The process has been started!!!! After working really hard on the house the last 5-6 months we have begun the process to put it on the market. We had the realtor come on Thursday to take a look around (I don't think my house has ever been cleaner) and to give us an idea of what to list it for. We still have a few small projects to finish up, but the end is at least in site. We know the market is not great, but hope to have it sold by summer. I really only ask that we are out of this house by the time the baby in my belly is walking, our house is getting too small very very quickly. I was afraid after cleaning and decluttering my house that the realtor was going to tell me I needed to declutter a lot of things even though I already did. We really are in need of more space and our attic is full. We have starting the looking process and hope that if we do sell soon, that we will be able to get a good deal on another house.
As for the Christmas Spirit around our house. We put up our tree last weekend. The kids had fun decorating it and love to play with the stockings on the mantel. We have all been sick this past week, except for Jared. The boys are all coughing and I have been sick with the whole, achy, fever, chills, congestion, etc. I had to miss work on Sat b/c of it. I am trying so hard to save up my PTO for when this baby is born, being sick is not how I planned to use a day of it.
We hope to all be better by the end of the week.
Here is a picture of the boys by the tree: