Friday, September 10, 2010

Long overdue!

So the kids started school - 2 and a half weeks ago!......I know I am way behind, but getting a house packed and all the other things that go along with moving are exhausting me, plus throwing in a weekend camping trip and all the clean up that follows and well I am more than just way behind.

Aidan started the 2nd grade and so far he loves it - it's 'way better than first grade mom'! He is growing up so quickly. His new favorite things are to 'rock out' and wish 'peace' for everyone. Aidan was quite the little reader over the summer and finished 4 Harry Potter books - he had already read the first 3 so he is done with the series...I sure hope they find something else for him to read to keep him challenged. He is growing like a weed and eating everything in sight....I may need to start a donation basket for future grocery bills when the boys get older.

Adley started kindergarten. Can I just say that it is so nice to have only 2 kids at home. It is such a breeze, mostly because Adley and Eli like to bug each other to death - seriously it's enough to make me crazy! Adley loves going to school and being able to share school things with Aidan. He has the same teacher that Aidan had for K and 1st grade so for that we are grateful. Both boys are not very thrilled that eventually we will have to move them to another school after we are in our new house - maybe not for this school year, but 2011-12 for sure - the other school is only 1/2mi from our new house.
Eli started preschool this past Thursday and boy was he ready. He has been waiting forever. He has been talking about preschool since June I think. He didn't even want me to walk him in the building. I of course had to - there is no drop off. His class animal is the 'ducks' which he loves. He loved his first day and thinks its horrible that he has to wait until next Tuesday to go back. He only goes twice a week. I like the added break and the 1 on 1 time with Liam. Eli isn't a big fan of the big boys being at school all day. He has lost his outside play buddies. He will often ask 'when can we go and get the boys?' I tell him 3 o'clock. He asks if we can make the clock say 3 o'clock...sorry buddy it doesn't quite work that way.

The big boys started soccer last week and have their first game tomorrow. I don't know how my mom ever chauffeured all of us kids around to everything. Thank goodness the boys practices are on the same day, same field and only 30 min apart. I'll post pictures of that later. Well I hope to post again soon to fill in our fun camping trip and other things going on, til then!