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Happy New Year!

We are a little late wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, so we thought we would wish you all a very wonderful, fabulous and Happy New Year!!!!! And since I haven't been very good at getting out my Christmas cards the past few years, here is our most recent family picture.

Love - The Shelton's

Update on the house

When left on vacation this is what our house looked like:

When we got back from vacation this was the progress:

Finishing w/ the plywood on the front and shingles on the roof
Back view - some of the windows are cut out yet in the plywood
From a distance
Living room

They are moving along rather quickly on our house. They worked through Christmas Eve to get the roof on because there was a big snow storm expected on Christmas Day. We love our builders. They have been so wonderful throughout this whole process. They are at the job site every time we drive by and they are keeping us updated on the progress. The windows will go in today. Electrical will start on Monday, we meet with the cabinet guy on Wednesday and the plumbing will following at the end of the week. We are getting really excited!!!!

Adley's Field Trip

Before the Christmas break I had the opportunity to tag along with Adley on his first school field trip. This was Adley's very first time riding a school bus as well. We first went to Fuddrucker's for lunch and then off to The Grove Park Inn to view the gingerbread houses.
Eating lunch

The gingerbread houses were amazing, although not all of them were houses.

These were a few of our favorites - the house from the movie "Up" and "Noah's Ark".

And just for fun.....can anyone guess who used a permanent black marker in the back of my van....

I think he may have left his signature!!!!! :-) Lucky for me the Magic Eraser took it off.