Sunday, January 31, 2010

My baby - at least for another 3 weeks

Liam is almost 1 and has finally learned to clap!!! I have been trying to teach him how to do this for the last several months, but he would just look at me and smile. Recently we were hit with another snow storm, this time we got about 8-10 inches (this has been my least favorite winter so far living here). The storm came Thursday while I was working and I ended up having to stay the night at the hospital. I had prepared well and packed a bag knowing the storm was coming and I had to work Friday too. So during my 2 day stay at the hospital is when Liam finally decided to share his talent...along with Adley loosing another tooth (geez, I missed everything). I couldn't believe he picked that day to finally share with everyone but ME what I had been trying to teach him. I was excited but totally bummed at the same time because I had missed it. When I got home last night he wouldn't clap for me either, bummed again.......but today he has been clapping for me all day - see video below.

Over the last 2 months we have been transitioning Liam to 'real' food. He loves it, but he certainly makes a much bigger mess! Here he is at lunch time with some puffs and a fruit bar. He ended up needing a bath after this because he decided the fruit bar was a nice moisturizer for his hair.

Liam 11.5 mos

We have know idea how much Liam weighs now (he has his 1yr checkup soon), but he has 8 teeth - 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. He is super ticklish, loves to smile and is really really fast crawling. He can walk with some assistance behind his walker. He doesn't really say much except 'ba' or 'ooh', why would he though he has plenty of other people around him to talk for him. I have been working on 'mama' with him forever and with my luck he will say it when I am at work. He finally started sleeping through the night at about 10mos of age - thank goodness!!! He is really wiggly especially when getting his diaper changed - seriously sometimes it takes me, Jared and one of the other kids to hold him down or distract him to get the job done. His favorite thing over the last few months - to climb the stairs (not my favorite thing) so the gate is up which is a pain, but if it keeps him from falling its worth it.
Well that's it for now, another update to follow on Liam when he turns 1!!! 1 can you believe it - I can't!

Monday, January 25, 2010


$3 isn't a significant amount of might cover a drink and a candy bar at a convenience store...or lunch money for Aidan...or a visit from the tooth fairy...really it's not that much, EXCEPT when you figure out that a restaurant you visited stole it from you. Recently I went and got take out from a local mexican restaurant and the bill was $17 dollars and some change. I paid with my debit card and went on my way. I balanced my checkbook, logged my transaction and noted that it was pending on my account and threw away my receipt. As I was again balancing my checkbook a few nights ago I noticed that once the transaction was no longer pending it was $3 greater in the deduction. I called the restaurant and they pulled my ticket and reported that it had a $3 tip written on it. Now I certainly leave a tip for when I sit down in a restaurant but NEVER when I get take out. I knew that I didn't write it. They asked me to come to the restaurant today and look at the ticket. I did...and it was definitely not my had a 3 with a dash next to it..I never do that. So they apologized and gave me back my $3 and I went on my way. I really wanted to say more but didn't. I am hoping this will prompt a meeting with their staff and that it won't happen again. I almost always write a '0' on the tip line when I am not giving one and failed to this time and someone took advantage of that. I am sure I am not the only one this has happened too, but I am also sure that many will not catch the difference in their checking account and the thief will continue to steal. I am mad, but I will give them another chance and I will definitely be more careful next time......geez we shouldn't have to worry about stuff like this, if only people were honest!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Someone lost a tooth....


Potty training has begun!

Yesterday we started the daunting task of potty training Eli. I think he is ready, but I'm not convinced he thinks he is ready. I have never really pushed my kids into potty training because I don't think that works really well. I just left Aidan and Adley alone and they essentially potty training themselves by their 3rd birthday. Aidan never had an accident and well Adley he had his share but only because he never wanted to stop playing with his toys long enough to pee. This is still a problem - as soon as I see him dancing he has to head straight to the bathroom. So Eli turns 3 next month. I thought I would just try this whole potty training stuff for a few days to see where he is at and if he is ready. So far he has peed in the potty 4 times today and his pull up once. Not bad! He does get rewarded with a sticker and a whopper. When he got big boy underwear for Christmas - Thomas the Tank Engine to be exact - he just looked at me and said, 'No, want diapers', which means no thanks mom, I want diapers instead. I am hoping that by taking him frequently he will like the feeling of staying dry and understand when he needs to go. Up to this point he has only ever peed on the potty before he gets in the tub. Wish me luck! It would be sooooooooooo nice to have only one kiddo in diapers!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A funny cartoon posted at work - Enjoy! It gave me a good laugh!
Notice the big teeth and the bandaids!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A day at the grocery store!

The other day Eli, Liam and I went grocery shopping. The day started out great....

Eli at Harris Teeter with his balloon and cookie.

We finished up at HT and then moved on to Walmart (not my favorite place but hey I'm on a budget). We were almost finished when Eli started pitching a fit because he wanted strawberry waffles and not blueberry. He threw himself on the floor and next thing I know he is crying hysterically with blood dripping everywhere. He had busted his lower lip pretty good. I was shocked at how there were probably 6 or 7 other people in the aisle with us and not one of them offered to help me with this situation. After all I did have a extremely full shopping cart, with another child in it and one that was bleeding everywhere. No "can I get you a wet paper towel... or here's a tissue". Instead me being the prepared mommy that I am (having no tissue in my own purse) had to find something....oh yes let's see (rifling through my purse) that will have to do. So I used a pantyliner to stop the bleeding - nice huh! Eli still looked like a mess with dried blood all over his face and jacket but he wouldn't let me take him to the bathroom to clean up so I held his hand to the checkout, paid and proceeded out to my car. I put Eli in first and then Liam. As I walked around my car my shopping cart was gone....GONE! In my head I was thinking, 'you have got to be kidding me, someone just stole my cart, someone just stole my $280 worth of groceries...' So I started looking around for someone running off with my groceries. Nope no one running off with my groceries, but a nice kind man was running AFTER my groceries. My cart was about 50ft away from my car and slammed into a curb hurdling a good number of my groceries onto the ground. The kind man apologized for not catching it sooner. I told him I was grateful he tried. As I pushed my heavy cart back up to the car I was just thankful that A) Liam wasn't still in the cart - sinking feeling in my chest..... and B) that someone really hadn't stolen my groceries. After that I was exhausted and just wanted to go home.
Eli's busted lip, asleep on the couch, still in his jacket - poor kiddo! It is mostly healed now, but the second day looked the worst.


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am just going to post pictures of Christmas rather than get into the details of it all except for a few lines with pictures.

Opening presents with Pop pop and Grandma
Aidan and his Castle Lego set
Adley and his Castle lego set - the boys sure have a fun time 'battling each other'.
Letter to Santa - it was quite creative. Santa had to find the parts of the picture that didn't belong... can you find anything?
Eli and his fruit - he loves this along with his pots and pans - I see a play kitchen in his future!
Marble run!
Doesn't he look like such a big boy in this picture. He is starting to use his walker to get around. Maybe by his 1st birthday he'll be walking on his own!
Eating the present is so much better than playing with it! He now has 8 teeth!
Kids playing video games at Pop pop and Grandmas
Crazy boys - thank you Daddy!

We are still enduring a lot of cold weather in our part of the country. I'm wishing we had a winter home in Arizona because that seems to be the only part of the country that is above freezing lately. We had 1 day (yes, only 1 since the 18th of December) above freezing and it felt like a heat wave. We still have a ton of snow around our house which is basically just a big chunk of ice now. It's not really fun to play in and I'm tired of looking at it. Spring can't come soon enough for me!